IU Bookman

The Indiana University Bookman was published irregularly from 1956 through 1988 by the Indiana University Library for bibliophiles of Indiana and friends of the university.

The 17 issues were edited by Cecil K. Byrd and William R. Cagle. Some focused on a particular topic or subject, such as 19th-century London materials in the Lilly Library (No. 12), film studies collections in the Lilly Library (No. 15), or illuminated manuscripts in the Lilly Library (No. 17). Other issues examined a variety of topics.

Tables of contents

Issue 1, January 1956
Byrd, Cecil K. The Harmony Society and "Thoughts on the Destiny of Man," pp. 5-15.
Winthur, Oscar Osburn. The Joseph Lane Papers in the Robert S. Ellison Collection, pp. 16-26.
Reed, Doris M. James Bateman and His "Orchidaceae of Mexico & Guatemala," pp. 27-35.
Editor's Miscellany, p. 36.

Issue 2, November 1957
Reed, Doris M. Edward Bonney, Detective, pp. 5-17.
Lang, Elfrieda. The Columbia Conserve Company Papers, pp. 18-25.
Byrd, Cecil K. Some Notes on Thomas D. Jones, Sculptor of Lincoln, pp. 26-37.
Randall, David A. Report of the Rare Book Librarian, pp. 38-47.

Issue 3, December 1958
Randall, David A. A Backward Glance O'er Travel'd Roads, pp. 5-79.

Issue 4, March 1960, Edgar Allan Poe
Robbins, J. Albert. Edgar Poe and His Friends: A Sampler of Letters Written to Sarah Helen Whitman, pp. 5-45.
Randall, David A. The J.K. Lilly Collection of Edgar Allan Poe, pp. 46-58.

Issue 5, December 1960, Vachel Lindsay
Cady, Edwin H. Vachel Lindsay Across the Chasm, pp. 5-11.
Melcher, Frederic G. Vachel Lindsay: An Account of a Friendship Recorded from Memory, August 1957, pp. 12-20.
Reed, Doris M. Letters of Vachel Lindsay in the Lilly Library at Indiana University, pp. 21-63.
Byrd, Cecil K. Check List of the Melcher Lindsay Collection, pp. 64-106.

Issue 6, October 1963, Alfred Tennyson
Editor's Note, p. 4.
Collins, Rowland L. Foreword, pp. 5-7.
Tennyson, Charles. The Somersby Tennysons, pp. 8-65.
Collins, Rowland L. The Frederick Tennyson Collection, pp. 66-89.

Issue 7, April 1965, Andrew Lang
Langstaff, B. Meredith. Introduction, pp. 5-9.
Green, Roger Lancelyn. Andrew Lang, "The Greatest Bookman of His Age," pp. 10-72.
Green, Roger Lancelyn. Descriptions from the Darlington Collection of Andrew Lang, pp. 73-101.

Issue 8, March 1967, Studies in the Bobbs-Merrill Papers
Cady, Edwin H. Introduction, pp. 1-6.
Thompson, Stith. An Office Boy Remembers 1902, pp. 7-9.
Chenoweth, Joyce. "Like the Brand Whitlock We Once Knew? Hell, No," pp. 10-22.
Miller, John H. Emerson Hough: "Merry Christmas. Sued You Today," pp. 23-35.
Everson, Judith Leas. Meredith Nicholson: The Quest for a Literary Ideal, pp. 36-44.
Novick, Barry. "The Salamander": Fiction and Fashion, pp. 45-56.
Lambert, Louis E. Episodes in the Publishing of Talbot Mundy's "The Ivory Trail," pp. 57-62.
Reed, P. L. Herbert Quick: Art and Iowa, pp. 63-75.
Stephens, Marsha. Super-Sellers: Barton, Erskine, Halliburton, pp. 76-90.
Ellman, Neil. Charlie Chan: The Making of an Immortal, pp. 91-99.
Clark, Thomas D. David Laurance Chambers As I Knew Him, pp. 100-106.
Mitchner, Robert W. The Virgin Archive, pp. 107-116.

Issue 9, April 1968, Peruvian Manuscripts in the Lilly Library
Editorial, p. 1
Friede, Juan. Peruvian Manuscripts in the Lilly Library, pp. 3-38.

Issue 10, November 1969, Mendel Collection
Boxer, C.R. Editorial, p. 1.
Boxer, C.R. The Papers of Martin de Bertendona, A Basque Admiral of Spain's Golden Age, 1586-1604, pp. 2-23.
Boxer, C.R. Friar Juan Pobre of Zamora and His Lost and Found "Ystoria" of 1598-1603 (Lilly ms. BM 617), pp. 24-46.
Boxer, C.R. A Rare Luso-Brazilian Medical Treatise and Its Author: Luis Gomes Ferreira and His "Erario Mineral" of 1735 and 1755, pp. 48-70.

Issue 11, November 1973
Bresie, Mayellen. Editorial, pp. 1-3.
Boxer, C.R. A Sino-French Medical Manuscript of 1730, pp. 5-11.
Liebscher, Arthur F. The Imprenta de los Ninos Expositos in the Viceregal Period, pp. 13-42.
Economic and Social Structures in Eighteenth Century Manila: Padre Pedro Nunez and His "Manual for the Vogt, Donna U.  Use of Friars Serving as Procuradores in the Convent, pp. 43-68.
Schwaller, John Frederick. A Catalogue of Pre-1840 Nahuatl Works Held by the Lilly Library, pp. 69-88.
Boxer, C.R. A Footnote to Luis Gomes Ferreira, "Erario Mineral", 1735 and 1755, pp. 89-92.

Issue 12, December 1977, Nineteenth Century London
Vicinus, Martha. Introduction, pp. 1-4.
Degen, John A.. Victorian Drama, pp. 5-25.
Gray, Donald J. General Histories, Guidebooks and Handbooks, pp. 26-40.
Gray, Donald J. Picturesque London, pp. 41-62.
Vicinus, Martha. Dark London, pp. 63-92.

Issue 13, January 1979
Introduction, p. 1.
Davies, Richard Gwyn. Edward A. Rumely: Hoosier Publicist, pp. 2-62.
Taylor, Saundra B. The Papers of Emmet Hoyt Scott, 1842-1924, pp. 63-71.
Mauck, Virginia L. The Niles Manuscripts, 1765-1925, pp. 72-79.
Byrd, Cecil K. The Papers of William Polke, 1775-1843, pp. 80-87.

Issue 14, March 1982, The S. Fischer Verlag Papers in the Lilly Library
Holschuh, Albrecht; Taylor, Saundra. The S. Fischer Verlag Papers in the Lilly Library, Indiana University, pp. 1-101.

Issue 15, October 1983, Film Studies Collections in the Lilly Library
Cagle, William R. Introduction, pp. 1-2.
Gibson, Rebecca Campbell. After the Invasion from Mars: Orson Welles and RKO, pp. 3-19.
Gibson, Rebecca Campbell. The John Ford Collection, pp. 20-35.
Van Sant, Judith ."Another Chance for a Swell Scene": The Filmscripts of Darryl Zanuck, pp. 36-50.
Van Sant, Judith. From "Abbott and Costello in the Foreign Legion" to "Zorro Rides Again": A Guide to the Filmscripts in the Lilly Library Book Department, pp. 51-81.

Issue 16, September 1987, The Constitution of the United States
Cagle, William R. Introduction, pp. 1-2.
Byrd, Cecil K. Drafting the Constitution: Philadelphia May 14-September 17, 1787, pp. 3-17.
Byrd, Cecil K. Ratifying the Constitution. December, 1787-May 1790, pp. 18-61.
Byrd, Cecil K. New Beginning: Government Under the Constitution, pp. 62-74.

Issue 17, June 1988, A Catalogue of Selected Illuminated Manuscripts
Taylor, Saundra B. Foreword, pp. vii-viii.
von Daum Tholl, Susan. Introduction, pp. ix-x.
Graver, Juliet Rose. Psalter fragment, Ricketts 21 [catalogue entry 1], pp. 2-4.
Schwarzenholz, Lisa. Psalter fragment, Ricketts 22 [catalogue entry 2], pp. 6-7.
Graver, Juliet Rose. Breviary fragments (Chertsey Breviary), Ricketts 23 (a) and Ricketts 47 (b) [catalogue entry 3], pp. 9-13.
Graver, Juliet Rose. Bible, Poole 8 [catalogue entry 4], pp. 14-20.
Mason, Lesa Ann. Missal, Poole 16 [catalogue entry 5], pp. 22-26.
Fry, Eileen. Missal, Ricketts 63 [catalogue entry 6], pp. 28-34.
von Daum Tholl, Susan. Dominican Service Book (incomplete), Medieval & Renaissance mss. [catalogue entry 7], pp. 36-42.
Cummins, Sheila. Breviary, Poole 9 [catalogue entry 8], pp. 44-49.
Brewer, Nan Esseck; von Daum Tholl, Susan. Antiphonal, Ricketts 89 [catalogue entry 9], pp. 50-52.
Brewer, Nan Esseck. Anitphonal, Ricketts 97 [catalogue entry 10], pp. 54-57.
Brown, Karen Hull. Book of Hours (incomplete), Ricketts 135 [catalogue entry 11], pp. 58-63.
Schwarzenholz, Lisa. Book of Hours, Ricketts 145 [catalogue entry 12], pp. 64-67.
Felleisen, Helga Butzer. 'Instructiones de Officiis Ordinis, Constitutiones', Papal Bull, and 'Buch der Ersetzung': Rules and Regulations for the Dominican Nuns and Supplement with History of the Order, Ricketts 198 [catalogue entry 13], pp. 68-75.
Hanson, Susan Marie. Valerius Maximus, 'Facta et Dicta Memorabilia', Poole 23 [catalogue entry 14], pp. 76-80.
Hanson, Susan Marie. Valerius Maximus, 'Facta et Dicta Memorabilia', Poole 24 [catalogue entry 15], pp. 82-85.
Glossary, pp. 86-90.
Bibliography, pp. 91-96.