Frequently Asked Questions about the Lilly Library Renovation

All information current as of 3/24/2020

The Lilly Library building is now closed for renovation.

On April 1, 2019 the Lilly Endowment, Inc. announced a $10.9M grant to Indiana University to support Lilly Library’s core renovation, and on June 14, 2019, IU's Board of Trustees approved a $12.4 million  often project to renovate the iconic Lilly Library in the same year it celebrates its 60th anniversary.

This page offers answers to the questions IU Libraries is most often asked about the upcoming work and will be updated as often as new information is available. Your questions are welcome at

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While the Lilly Library has a temporary Reading Room at the Herman B Wells Library, at this time all IU Libraries physical locations are closed.  The Lilly Library Librarians and staff are still here to offer as much research support as possible. Please note that while we are observing Indiana's Hoosiers-stay-at-Home executive orders, we are unable to access our rare books and materials.  We are also unable to offer any scanning services.  Our remote services are limited to research of already digitized materials and use of the library's electronic catalogs and databases. 

Send an email to libref @ Indiana . edu to get started. 

A.    An exact date of reopening is not yet known, but renovation is expected to take all of 2020.  

A.    Yes. Due to the incredible academic value of Lilly Library collections and experts, a temporary space is ready for Lilly Library librarians and experts to continue to work with visiting and local researchers, as well as faculty.  When the building reopens, the 10th floor of the Herman B Wells Library East Tower will begin providing appointment-based access to some Lilly Library collections. Lilly Library staff will be available through remote access throughout the COVID-19 outbreak and will continue to offer their expertise to the IU community and beyond.

Teaching space will also be available in limited capacity, and public services and digitization staff will have office space in this same area.  The temporary Lilly Library Reading Room is open by appointment only and will require CrimsonCard swipe access.


A.    The Lilly Library public services staff have made many frequently used materials accessible upon request in a secure reading room at the Herman B Wells Library. All IU Libraries locations are currently closed as all services are offered through remote access only.  Limited space will require that researchers make an appointment, as well as to request access to materials in advance. Lilly Library staff are familiar with the needs of researchers and faculty and are developing processes to ensure the highest level of access.  However, secure storage arrangements will mean that not all materials will be accessible during the renovation.

All faculty are invited to alert the library of any materials that may be desired for access during the renovation by sending an email to  All possible accommodation will be made. 

A temporary Reading Room will be offered at the Herman B Wells Library. However, storage limitations require some Lilly Library materials to be unavailable for any use during the renovation. 

For the most updated information on specific materials, view the online list of collections that are closed for the term of the renovation, and collections that will be unavailable for a shorter periods due to transport.

If you are a faculty member or researcher who would like to alert the library of materials that you wish to access during the renovation, send an email to liblilly @

A.   Indiana University is fortunate to have a state-of-the-art Auxiliary Library Facility (ALF) where collections from all over the campus are stored in a high security and climate-controlled environment. A large percentage of the Lilly Library collections will be stored in the ALF during the temporary building closure. Some materials will be housed in secure, long-term storage. This small percentage of materials will not be accessible during the temporary building closure. 

A.    The Lilly Library is so much more than a building. The very generous $10.9M gift from Lilly Endowment, Inc. makes the renovation of the building’s infrastructure possible.  However, there are many special projects and opportunities that will require additional support.  

If you are interested in being part of this impactful, once-in-a-generation renovation, contact Pete Rhoda, IU Libraries Executive Director of Development at or 812-855-7494.

A.    It is common for a project of this scale to take 12-16 months, with additional time needed to relocate collections.

A.   All staff will be needed during the renovation. There is significant work required to provide access to, instruct with, support research with, conserve, describe, organize, and digitize the massive collections of the Lilly Library. Lilly staff will be available throughout the renovation and will continue to offer their expertise to the IU community and beyond. The staff of the Lilly Library will continue their work as well as participate in the moving of collections and planning for the renovation.  

A.    The Lilly Library is committed to the teaching mission of IU. Some teaching with Lilly Library materials will continue through the renovation using alternate procedures.

A location at Herman B Wells Library has been identified for classroom teaching as early as Spring semester 2020. There will be limitations, however, and those faculty members in the Libraries’ Primary Source Immersion Program will receive some prioritization, based on the prior planning already in place for these courses.  

A.  On June 14, 2019, Indiana University Board of Trustees approved a $12.4 million renovation project. Vice President for Capital Planning and Facilities Thomas A. Morrison presented the request, along with support and remarks by Carolyn Walters, Ruth Lilly Dean of University Libraries.   

She said, "In 1960, builders simply had no way to imagine how far we would take J.K. Lilly’s gift.  We often say the Lilly Library is a promise.  Once materials are in our possession, we are committed to their life-long conservation.  We are investing in the life of these rare and historical artifacts, which is far greater than our own. Today, we can carry the promise of the Lilly Library forward to the next generation and into Indiana University’s third century."

Read more in a report covering the Board of Trustees meeting.