Exhibition catalogues

The Lilly Library periodically produces catalogues of exhibitions and other special events, and many of these publications are still available for purchase. Use the Ask a Question page to inquire about available catalogues.

Many catalogues have been digitized. Just follow the linked titles on this page. Print copies of all the catalogues are available at the Lilly Library and the Wells Library.

YearTitlePrint availability
1960The Dedication of the Lilly Library, Oct. 3, 1960out of print
1961A. E. Housmanout of print
1962An Exhibit to Commemorate the One Hundred Fiftieth Anniversary of the Beginning of the War of 1812out of print
1963Exhibition of Original Printings of Some Milestones of Science from Pliny (1469) to Banting (1922)out of print
1963Grolier: or 'Tis Sixty Years Sinceout of print
1963The Upton Sinclair Archivesout of print
1964The Bernardo Mendel Collectionout of print
1964Manuscripts, ancient-modern 
1964The J.K. Lilly Collection of Edgar A. Poeout of print
1965Three Centuries of American Poetryout of print
1965Discoveryout of print
1966Medicine: An Exhibition of Books Relating to Medicine and Surgery from the Collection formed by J. K. Lillyout of print
1966One Hundred and Fifty Years...of Indiana Statehoodout of print
1967Eighty-Nine Good Novels of the Sea, the Ship, and the Sailorout of print
1967The First Twenty-Five Years of Printing, 1455-1480out of print
1968American Patriotic Songsout of print
1969An Exhibit of Seventeenth-Century Editions of Writings by John Miltonout of print
1970The Beginnings of Higher Education in Indianaout of print
1970The Indiana Wordsworth Collectionout of print
1970Biology. An Exhibition at the Lilly Library in honor of the meetings of The American Institute of Biological Sciences and The American Physiological Society 
1970An Exhibition of Books from the Firm of Lathrop C. Harper, Inc., Presented to the Lilly Library by Mrs. Bernardo Mendelout of print
1971The Ian Fleming Collection of 19th-20th Century Source Material Concerning Western Civilization together with the Originals of the James Bond-007 Talesout of print
1971An Exhibition on the Occasion of the Transfer of Public Papers of the Honorable Joseph W. Barr to the Lilly Library, Indiana University, Bloomingtonout of print
1972Exotic Printing and the Expansion of Europe, 1492-1840 out of print
1972The Fritz Busch Collectionout of print
1972Brazil from Discovery to Independence out of print
1972American Literature Honoring the Completion of the Editorial Work on the 100th Volume Approved by the Center for Editions of American Authorsout of print
1973The First Hundred Years of Detective Fiction, 1841-1941out of print
1973Printing and the Mind of Man 
1973Bernardo Mendel, Bookman Extraordinaire 
1974A Guide to Selected Latin American Manuscripts 
1974An Exhibition Honoring the Seventy-Fifth Birthday of Hoagland Howard Carmichael, LL.B., 1926, D.M., 1972, Indiana Universityout of print
1975Science Fiction and Fantasyout of print
1975The David A. Randall Retrospective Memorial Exhibition, Twenty Years' Acquisitions 
1975The Transition to Modern Germany: The Eighteenth Century 
1976Beyond Illustration: The Livres D'Artiste in the Twentieth Centuryout of print
1976Indians of Latin America: An Exhibition of Materials in the Lilly Library 
1976Revolutionary America 
1976Notable Medical Books in the Lilly Library, Indiana University 
1976An Antiquarian's Credo 
1976British Bookbinding Todayout of print
1977Twentieth-Century Literary Manuscripts 
1977The Search for Troy 
1978From the Donkey to the Jet: Man's Experience with Travel from the Fifth Century B.C. to the Present 
1980American Poetry 
1980Wendell Willkie, 1892-1944 
1981La Vie Parisienne, 1650-1900 
1981Africana in the Lilly Library 
1983Une Affaire de Gout: A Selection of Cookbooks, 1475 to 1873, from the Library of Dr. and Mrs. John Talbot Gernon 
1983Eighteenth-Century Cities: A Panorama 
1983Russia in the Eighteenth Centuryout of print
1984A Baker's Dozen 
1985Scotland Before the Union 
1985Lilly Library: The First Quarter Century 
1986The Reign of Charles II 
1987Newton and the Scientific Revolution 
1987For Your Amusement and Instruction: The Elisabeth Ball Collection of Historical Children's Materials 
1987Liberty's Legacy 
1988The Pacific Northwest, 1542-1846 
1989Liberty, Equality ... or Death: The French Revolution, 1789-1794  
1989The Westbound Pioneer: Overland Emigration to Oregon 
1990Two Hundred and Fifty Years of the British Novel 1740-1989out of print
1990Changing Images: Nineteenth-Century British Book Illustration 
1991Mark Twain: Selections from the Collection of Nick Karanovichout of print
1991Searching for Riches: The California Gold Rush 
1991The Bible in the Lilly Library 
1992Children's Books Published by William Darton and His Sonsout of print
1992Rethinking the World: Discovery and Science in the Renaissanceout of print
1993J. K. Lilly, Jr., Bibliophile  
1994George Gissing: The Pforzheimer Collection 
1994Mallarme and His Circle 
1995In and Out of Africa: The Adventures of H. Rider Haggard 
1995Mixed Media: The Many Forms of the Story 
1996Voyages of Scientific Discovery to the New World, 1700-1850out of print
1996The People's Voice: A Romantic Civilization, 1776-1848 
1997A Splendid Gathering: Twenty-two Years of Collecting at the Lilly Library 
1997Women Writing Poetry: U. S. 20th Century: A Checklist 
1997Footprints Through Time: Mexican Pictorial Manuscripts at the Lilly Library 
1998150 Years of the American Short Story 
1998Digging for Treasure: An adventure in appraising rare and collectible children's books 
1999Close & Affectionate Friends: Desmond and Molly MacCarthy and the Bloomsbury Group 
2001The Grand Event: International Expositions, 1851-1904  
2001The Lilly Library: Through the Eyes of Friendsout of print
2002The Century Was Two Years Old/Le si├Ęcle avait deux ans: Victor Hugo 
2004The Powerful Lesson of the Eye: French Artists' Books in the Lilly Library 
2005Love, Mickey: Letters to Family from Emily Hahn 
2006A World of Puzzlesout of print
2006Places of the Imagination: A Celebration of Worlds, Islands, and Realms & Imaginary and Constructed Languages 
2007Mustard Gas & Roses: The Life and Works of Kurt Vonnegutout of print
2007Juliette Adam 
2008Blue at the Mizzen: Patrick O'Brian and the 19th Century Naval World