Lilly Library Request System

Your first step to using the Lilly Library Reading Room is to register in the Lilly Library Request System. It allows you to request books and manuscripts to use and schedule a date to visit. You can also use the system to order reproductions.

The Lilly Library Request System allows you to:

  • make reservations to use materials in the Reading Room
  • place orders for digital images, PDFs, or photocopies
  • have access to all of your current, past, and saved requests
  • and if you are teaching a class at the Lilly Library, you can collaborate with a librarian to create an online list of materials to use in class!

To create your user account, access the Lilly Library Request System. We have a handy link at the top of all of our web pages, too!

To request items with this system:

  • search IUCAT and look for the “Lilly Library: Request This” button on Lilly Library records
  • find manuscript materials in IU’s Archives Online and look for the “Request” link in the side menu

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