Library of Congress Subject Headings for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Intersex (LGBTQI) Topics

If you're looking for books about bears and you're using the word "bears" in your keyword search, you may be finding more items for our ursine friends than queer culture. That's because keyword searches use natural language to search for items. Natural language is the way we speak in everyday life, where context clues help us arrive at understanding. Natural language can be slippery and sometimes multiple meanings get in the way of successful searching. But have no fear: Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH) may help you find what you're looking for. Each subject heading is assigned a meaning that takes context into account. Subject headings are used to describe what books are about. For example, books about the animal bear would have the subject heading "Bears" whereas books about bears in a queer context would have the LCSH "Bears (Gay Culture)". The list below features relevant Library of Congress Subject Headings for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex materials. Note: Library of Congress Subject Headings may contain language that differs from current use or understanding. It is important to keep in mind that controlled vocbularies ascribe a particular meaning to a term, whereas the language that LGBTQI+ individuals use to describe their experience and identity is dynamic and creative.

LCSH can be used to search for materials on IUCAT by selecting “Subject” from the dropdown menu to the left of the search bar (see figure below). If you are searching for a specific subject heading, using quotes around the term will retrieve results with that specific subject heading. For example, searching for "Lesbian feminism" will only retrieve items with "Lesbian feminism" as a subject, whereas searching for lesbian feminism could retrieve results with "Lesbian youth"  as one subject and "Feminism and science" as another subject. Multiple subject headings can be combined to make a search more specific. On the Advanced Search page subject searching can be combined with other search inputs.

Menu with Subject search selected.

The following list is based on subject headings compiled by John DeSantis in 2000 as well as the "Library of Congress Subject Headings for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer (LGBTQ) Topics" compiled by Thomas Bolze, Yale University Library, and updated by Deborah LaFond, SUNY Albany 2010. It was updated in February 2016.


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Abused gay men

Abused lesbians

Abusive lesbian partners

African American gay actors

African American gay men--Identity

African American gays

African American gays--Fiction

African American lesbians

African American lesbians--Abuse of

African American lesbians--Identity

African American lesbians in motion pictures

African American bisexual men

African American bisexual women

African American transgender people

African American transsexuals

AIDS (Disease)

Alaska Native sexual minorities

Androgyny (Psychology) in literature

Androgyny (Psychology)

Androgyny (Psychology) in art

Androgyny (Psychology)--Religious aspects (can sub-categorize further by denomination)

Asian American bisexuals

Asian American gays

Asian American gay men

Asian American lesbians

Asian American sexual minorities

Astrology and homosexuality



Bears (Gay culture)

Bible and homosexuality

Bisexual college students

Bisexual feminism

Bisexual high school students

Bisexual librarians

Bisexual men

Bisexual men--United States

Bisexual parents

Bisexual students

Bisexual women

Bisexual youth


Bisexuality in literature

Bisexuality in marriage

Bisexuality in motion pictures

Bisexuality on television


Bisexuality--Religious aspects (can sub-categorize further by denomination)


Bisexuals' writings, (can sub-categorize further by nationality)

Buddhist gays

Butch and femme (Lesbian culture)

Butch and femme (Lesbian culture) in motion pictures



Catholic gay men

Catholic gays

Children and homosexuality

Children of gay parents

Children of sexual minority parents

Children of transgender parents

Children of transsexual parents

Christian gays

Christian gay men

Christian transgender people

Christian transsexuals

Christian sexual minorities

Church work with African American gays

Church work with gays, (can sub-categorize further by denomination)

Civil unions

Closeted gays

Closeted gays in literature

Coming out (Sexual orientation)

Coming out (Sexual orientation) in literature

Coming out (Sexual orientation)--United States

Coming out (Sexual orientation)--Fiction

Coming out (Sexual orientation)--Religious aspects, (can sub-categorize further by denomination)

Conflict of laws--Same-sex marriage

Cuban American lesbians



Deaf gay men

Deaf gays

Drag balls



Etiquette for gay men

Etiquette for lesbians

Ex-gay movement



Female impersonators

Female impersonators in motion pictures

Female-to-male transsexuals



Gay accommodations

Gay activists

Gay actors

Gay adoption

Gay adoption--Law and legislation

Gay and lesbian dance parties

Gay and lesbian film festivals

Gay and lesbian studies

Gay anthropologists

Gay artists

Gay artists in popular culture

Gay athletes

Gay authors

Gay bars

Gay bathhouses

Gay bodybuilders

Gay business enterprises

Gay businessmen

Gay caregivers

Gay cartoonists

Gay clergy

Gay clubs

Gay coaches (Athletics)

Gay college students

Gay college teachers

Gay columns in newspapers

Gay communities

Gay conservatives

Gay consumers

Gay counselors

Gay couples

Gay couples--United States

Gay couples--Legal status, laws, etc.--United States

Gay couples--Religious life (can sub-categorize further by denomination)

Gay critics

Gay culture

Gay culture in literature

Gay deacons

Gay discotheques

Gay dramatists

Gay erotic art

Gay erotic comic books, strips, etc

Gay erotic drama

Gay erotic drama, American

Gay erotic drawing

Gay erotic films

Gay erotic literature

Gay erotic literature, American

Gay erotic literature, English

Gay erotic literature, French

Gay erotic photography

Gay erotica

Gay executives

Gay fathers

Gay figure skaters

Gay flight attendants

Gay heroes

Gay high school students

Gay human services personnel

Gay immigrants

Gay interpretations

Gay journalists

Gay kings and rulers

Gay labor union members

Gay lawyers

Gay liberation movement

Gay liberation movement--United States

Gay liberation movement--United States--History

Gay librarians

Gay libraries

Gay man-heterosexual woman relationships in motion pictures

Gay man-heterosexual woman relationships on television

Gay men

Gay men--Abuse of

Gay men--Alcohol use--United States--Case studies

Gay men and musicals

Gay men--Biography

Gay men, Black

Gay men--Books and reading--United States

Gay men--Communication

Gay men--Conduct of life

Gay men--Crimes against--Fiction

Gay men--Drama

Gay men--Family relationships--United States

Gay men--Great Britain--Biography

Gay men--Humor

Gay men in art

Gay men in literature

Gay men in mass media

Gay men--Language

Gay men--Legal status, laws, etc

Gay men--Literary collections

Gay men--Mental health

Gay men on postage stamps

Gay men on television

Gay men--Psychology

Gay men--Relations with heterosexuals

Gay men--Relations with heterosexual women

Gay men--Relations with lesbians

Gay men--Religious life

Gay men--Sexual behavior--United States

Gay men's writings, (can sub-categorize further by nationality)

Gay men--United States--Biography

Gay men--United States--Social conditions

Gays--Violence against

Gay men, White

Gay military cadets

Gay military personnel

Gay motion picture actors and actresses

Gay motion picture producers and directors

Gay motorcycle clubs

Gay musicians

Gay newspapers

Gay nurses

Gay ocean liner passengers

Gay online chat groups

Gay parents

Gay parents--Legal status, laws, etc

Gay physical education teachers

Gay police officers

Gay political refugees

Gay politicians

Gay pornographic films

Gay pornography

Gay press

Gay press publications

Gay Pride Day

Gay pride parades

Gay prisoners

Gay private investigators

Gay psychiatrists

Gay psychologists

Gay real estate agents

Gay rodeos

Gay rights

Gay rights in literature

Gay rights--Religious aspects

Gay sailors

Gay singers

Gay skinheads

Gay skinheads in motion pictures

Gay social workers

Gay song festivals

Gay spies

Gay-straight alliances in schools

Gay students

Gay teachers

Gay teenagers

Gay teenagers--Fiction

Gay teenagers--Care

Gay teenagers in literature

Gay theater

Gay theatrical producers and directors

Gay travelers

Gay wit and humor

Gay youth

Gay youth--Fiction

Gay youths' writings, (can sub-categorize further by nationality)


Gays--Abuse of

Gays--Alcohol use--United States--History


Gays and rock music

Gays and sports

Gays and the performing arts

Gays--Books and reading



Gays in advertising

Gays in higher education

Gays in literature

Gays in mass media

Gays in motion pictures

Gays in the civil service

Gays in the performing arts

Gays in popular culture

Gays--Mental health


Gays--Nazi persecution


Gays--Social life and customs


Gays--Vocational guidance

Gays with disabilities

Gays' writings, (can sub-categorize further by nationality)

Gender identity

Gender identity--congresses

Gender identity disorders in adolescence

Gender identity disorders in children

Gender identity--fiction

Gender identity in advertising

Gender identity in art

Gender identity in dance

Gender identity in education

Gender identity in literature

Gender identity in mass media

Gender identity in motion pictures

Gender identity in music

Gender identity in science

Gender identity in the Bible

Gender identity in the Qurʼan

Gender identity in the theater

Gender identity in the workplace

Gender identity on television

Gender identity--Law and legislation

Gender identity--Religious aspects (can sub-categorize further by denomination)



Handkerchief codes


Hispanic American bisexual women

Hispanic American gay artists

Hispanic American gays

Hispanic American lesbians

Hispanic American sexual minorities

HIV-positive bisexual men

HIV-positive gay men

Homomonument (Amsterdam, Netherlands)


Homophobia in anthropology

Homophobia in art

Homophobia in children

Homophobia in child welfare

Homophobia in gerontology

Homophobia in high schools

Homophobia in higher education

Homophobia--Law and legislation

Homophobia in literature

Homophobia in medical care

Homophobia in medicine

Homophobia in physical education

Homophobia--Press coverage

Homophobia in psychoanalysis

Homophobia--Religious aspects (can sub-categorize further by denomination)

Homophobia in schools

Homophobia in social work

Homophobia in sports

Homophobia in the military

Homophobia in the workplace


Homosexuality (Canon law)

Homosexuality and architecture

Homosexuality and art

Homosexuality and dance

Homosexuality and education

Homosexuality and education

Homosexuality and literature

Homosexuality and literature

Homosexuality and literature--English-speaking countries

Homosexuality and literature--France

Homosexuality and literature--Great Britain--History--19th century

Homosexuality and literature--United States--History--20th century

Homosexuality and motion pictures

Homosexuality and music

Homosexuality and popular music

Homosexuality and television

Homosexuality and the arts

Homosexuality and theater

Homosexuality in animals

Homosexuality in art

Homosexuality in dance

Homosexuality in literature

Homosexuality in motion pictures

Homosexuality in music

Homosexuality in opera

Homosexuality in the Bible

Homosexuality in the theater

Homosexuality in the workplace

Homosexuality in video games

Homosexuality on radio

Homosexuality on television

Homosexuality--Biblical teaching




Homosexuality--Genetic aspects

Homosexuality--Great Britain


Homosexuality--Law and legislation

Homosexuality--Law and legislation

Homosexuality--Literary collections

Homosexuality--Moral and ethical aspects

Homosexuality--Moral and ethical aspects





Homosexuality--Psychological aspects

Homosexuality--Religious aspects (can sub-categorize further by denomination)

Homosexuality--Social aspects


Homosexuality--United States



Indian gays

Indian gays in literature

Indian lesbians

Indian sexual minorities

Internalized homophobia

Internalized homophobia in lesbians

Internet and bisexual men

Internet and gay men

Intersex athletes

Intersex children

Intersex military personnel

Intersex people


Intersexuality in animals

Intersexuality in art

Intersexuality in children

Intersexuality in literature


Italian American gays

Italian American lesbians



Jewish gay men

Jewish gays

Jewish lesbians

Jewish transgender people

Jewish sexual minorities



Leather bars

Leather contests

Leather lifestyle

Legal assistance to gays

Legal assistance to transgender people

Lesbian activists

Lesbian actresses

Lesbian anthropologists

Lesbian artists

Lesbian artists in popular culture

Lesbian athletes

Lesbian authors

Lesbian bars in motion pictures

Lesbian businesswomen

Lesbian business enterprises

Lesbian cartoonists

Lesbian clergy

Lesbian college students

Lesbian college teachers

Lesbian community

Lesbian composers

Lesbian consumers

Lesbian couples

Lesbian couples as parents

Lesbian couples--United States

Lesbian culture

Lesbian dramatists

Lesbian erotic art

Lesbian erotic films

Lesbian erotic literature

Lesbian erotic poetry,

Lesbian erotic stories,

Lesbian feminism

Lesbian feminist theory

Lesbian Girl Scouts

Lesbian heroes

Lesbian heroines in literature

Lesbian high school students

Lesbian librarians

Lesbian libraries

Lesbian mothers

Lesbian motion picture producers and directors

Lesbian motorcyclists

Lesbian musicians

Lesbian nuns

Lesbian nurses

Lesbian online chat groups

Lesbian partner abuse

Lesbian photographers

Lesbian physical education teachers

Lesbian police officers

Lesbian private investigators

Lesbian psychotherapists

Lesbian rabbis

Lesbian separatism

Lesbian students

Lesbian teachers

Lesbian teenagers

Lesbian teenagers in literature

Lesbian teenagers--Care

Lesbian teenagers--Identity

Lesbian theater

Lesbian vampires

Lesbian vampires in motion pictures

Lesbian youth



Lesbianism--History--To 500

Lesbianism--Religious aspects

Lesbianism--United States

Lesbianism in art

Lesbianism in literature

Lesbianism in motion pictures

Lesbianism in opera

Lesbianism on television


Lesbians--Abuse of

Lesbians--Alcohol use--United States--Bibliography

Lesbians and musicals

Lesbians and sports


Lesbians, Black

Lesbians--Books and reading

Lesbians--Conduct of life


Lesbians--Great Britain--Biography


Lesbians in advertising

Lesbians in art

Lesbians in literature

Lesbians in mass media

Lesbians in motion pictures

Lesbians in popular culture

Lesbians in the motion picture industry

Lesbians in the performing arts

Lesbians--Legal status, laws, etc

Lesbians--Literary collections

Lesbians on postage stamps



Lesbians--Puerto Rico

Lesbians--Relations with heterosexuals

Lesbians--Sexual behavior


Lesbians--United States--Psychology

Lesbians--United States--Social conditions

Lesbians' writings, (can sub-categorize further by nationality)

Libraries and bisexuals

Libraries and gays

Libraries and lesbians

Libraries and sexual minorities

Libraries and transgender people



Male homosexuality

Male homosexuality in art

Male homosexuality in literature

Male homosexuality in music

Male impersonators

Male impersonators in motion pictures

Male prostitution

Mexican American gays

Mexican American lesbians

Middle-aged gay men

Middle-aged gays

Middle-aged lesbians

Middle-aged sexual minorities

Minority gays

Minority gays in literature

Minority lesbians

Mormon gays

Motion pictures and gay men

Music by gay composers

Music by lesbian composers

Muslim gay men



National March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights, Washington, D.C., 1979

National March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights, Washington, D.C., 1987

National socialism and homosexuality



Older gay men

Older lesbians

Older sexual minorities

Older transsexuals

Ordination of gays

Ordination of lesbians

Outing (Sexual orientation)



Pacific Islander American bisexuals

Pacific Islander American gays

Pacific Islander American lesbians

Pacific Islander American sexual minorities

Parents of AIDS patients

Parents of gays

Parents of intersex children

Parents of sexual minority youth

Parents of transsexuals

Participation, Gay


Presbyterian gay men

Prostitution - History

Prostitution - Interviews

Prostitution - law and legislation

Prostitution in art

Prostitution in literature

Prostitution in motion pictures

Protestant gays

Police services for sexual minorities

Psychoanalysis and homosexuality

Puerto Rican lesbians



Queer theology

Queer theory



Radical Faeries (New Age movement)

Radio programs for gays

Rural gay men

Rural lesbians



Same-sex divorce

Same-sex marriage

Same-sex marriage in art

Same-sex marriage in literature

Same-sex marriage--Law and legislation

Same-sex marriage--Religious aspects (can sub-categorize further by denomination)

Same-sex marriage--United States

Same-sex partner abuse

Sex (psychology)

Sex change

Sex change in literature

Sex change (Jewish law)

Sex change--Law and legislation

Sex customs

Sex role and globalization

Sex role on television

Sex role in mass media

Sex role on radio

Sex role in art

Sex role in advertising

Sex role in literature

Sex role in the theater

Sex role in

Sex role in motion pictures

Sex role in the work environment

Sex role in children

Sex role

Sex-oriented businesses

Sex-oriented businesses--Fiction

Sex-oriented businesses--Law and legislation

Sexual behavior

Sexual ethics

Sexual ethics for teenagers

Sexual ethics for women

Sexual ethics for youth

Sexual ethics in literature

Sexual ethics--History

Sexual ethics--United States

Sexual minorities

Sexual minorities' families

Sexual minorities in advertising

Sexual minorities in art

Sexual minorities in higher education

Sexual minorities in literature

Sexual minorities in mass media

Sexual minorities in motion pictures

Sexual minorities on television

Sexual minorities with disabilities

Sexual minorities' writings, (can sub-categorize further by nationality)

Sexual minorities--Identity

Sexual minorities--Population

Sexual minorities--United States

Sexual minority business enterprises

Sexual minority college athletes

Sexual minority college students

Sexual minority community

Sexual minority consumers

Sexual minority legislators

Sexual minority men

Sexual minority parents

Sexual minority political refugees

Sexual minority politicians

Sexual minority public officers

Sexual minority religious leaders

Sexual minority students

Sexual minority women

Sexual minority youth

Sexual minority youth in mass media

Sexual orientation

Sexual orientation in art

Sexual orientation in literature

Sexuality and culture

Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616--Characters--Lesbians

Socialism and homosexuality

Social work with bisexuals

Social work with gay youth

Social work with gays

Social work with lesbians

Social work with lesbian youth

Social work with older sexual minorities

Social work with sexual minorities

Social work with sexual minority youth

Social work with transgender people

Social work with transgender youth

South Asian American gays

Stonewall Book Awards

Stonewall Riot, New York, N.Y., 1969




Transgender athletes

Transgender artists

Transgender children

Transgender college students

Transgender librarians

Transgender military personnel

Transgender musicians

Transgender parents

Transgender people

Transgender people in art

Transgender people in literature

Transgender people in motion pictures

Transgender people's writings, (can sub-categorize further by nationality)

Transgender prisoners

Transgender teachers

Transgender veterans

Transgender youth


Transgenderism on television


Transsexual college students

Transsexual librarians

Transsexual parents

Transsexual students

Transsexual youth


Transsexualism - Religious aspects (can sub-categorize further by denomination)


Transsexuals - Identity

Transsexuals - Legal status, laws

Transsexuals in literature

Transsexuals in motion pictures

Transsexuals' writings (can sub-categorize further by nationality)


Transvestism - Religious aspects (can sub-categorize further by denomination)

Transvestism in art

Transvestism in motion pictures


Transvestites in literature


Two-spirit people



United States - Armed Forces - Gays or Gays in the military -- United States -- Handbooks, manuals, etc.

Unitarian Universalist sexual minorities



Web sites for sexual minorities

Women's music

Women's rights

Working class lesbians

World War, 1939-1945--Gays

World War, 1939-1945--Participation, Gay



Young bisexual men

Young gay men


by Thom Sullivan