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  • African Studies

    The Indiana University African Studies Collection covers Africa south of the Sahara at a research level, and north Africa at a general level.
  • American Studies

    The study of American cultures from an interdisciplinary perspective.

  • Animal Behavior

    Pertains to the multidisciplinary field including neuroscience, learning, development, ecology, and biological evolution and diversity as a means of studying and understanding the behavior of animals.

  • Anthropology

    Resources related to the study of cultures, art and people in modern and ancient times, as well as the evolutionary aspects of these topics. Includes: Archeology, Bioanthropology, Linguistic Anthropology, and Social/Cultural Anthropology.

  • Archaeology

    Archaeology is the study of people in the past, and the present, using material remains the things humans "leave behind" as evidence.

  • Art & Art History

    Resources related to the study and creation of fine art and architecture. Addresses art history and critiques from all cultures and regions of the world as well as theory, methodology and technique for artists. Specialties include painting, sculpture, ceramics, architectural design, photography and more.

  • Astronomy

    Pertains to the science of celestial objects and their phenomena.

  • Biology

    Pertains to the study of organisms. Includes a wide range of biological sciences including ecosystems to nanobiology, cell biology, molecular biology, systems biology, microbiology and biological informatics. Also related to zoology, botany, biochemistry and medical sciences anatomy and physiology.

  • Business

    Covers the management and administration of business including specializations such as entrepreneurship, production/operations management, finance and accounting, management information systems, marketing, real estate, qualitative analysis, insurance/risk management, supply chain management and international business.
  • Career Information

    Resources to assist library users with their investigation of and training for education and career goals.

  • Catalan

    Resources related to the study of the language, culture, literature and linguistics of the Catalan, the Romance language spoken in these regions of Spain: Catalunya, País Valencià, Illes Balears (Mallorca, Menorca and Eivissa), and the “franja” of Aragó bordering Catalunya.

  • Central Eurasian Studies

    The Central Eurasian Studies Collections and related materials on the Indiana University-Bloomington (IUB) campus reflect the vast area extending from the Baltics and Hungary in the west to Mongolia in the east, and from southern Siberia in the north to Afghanistan and Tibet in the south.

  • Chemistry

    Pertains to the study of matter. Major areas of chemistry and chemical resarch are analytical, theoretical, biological, inorganic, organic, and physical chemistry. Specializations include materials chemistry, nanoscales structures, biological materials, environmental chemistry and proteomics.

  • Chicano Riqueño Studies

    Resources related to the language, literature and culture of Mexican-Americans, Puerto Ricans, and Cubans--the three Latino groups that have had deep historical connections with North America.

  • Classical Studies

    Covers, for the most part at research level, Greek and Latin literature, language, culture, palaeography, epigraphy, textual criticism, mythology, and religion; the history of classical scholarship; patristics; classical archaeology; and ancient history.

  • Cognitive Science

    Cognitive science is the interdisciplinary study of mind and the nature of intelligence. Scholars' backgrounds are wide-ranging, including psychology, physics, neuroscience, philosophy, information science, computer science, mathematics, anthropology, and linguistics.

  • Comparative Literature

    Resources related to the comparison of literary works from different cultures, with theoretical approaches to literature, and with the relationships between literature and the visual arts, music, philosophy, science, and social and political thought.

  • Criminal Justice

    Resources that bridge the study of crime with study of law, culture, race, and gender as well as major components of the criminal justice system and the causes and distribution of crime. These resources accommodate topics such community justice, dispute settlement, violence, cross-cultural studies, and critical theory.

  • Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

    Pertains to the interdisciplinary research and scientific study of the Earth and Atmospheric Sciences. Specializations of this subject include Biogeochemistry, Geobiology, Sedimentology and stratigraphy, Geophysics, Structural Geology and Tectonics, Hydrogeology, Economic Geology and Mineral and Clay Geology. Studies encompass field-based, analytical, and theoretical research.
  • East Asian Studies

    The East Asian Collection was established more than half a century ago. It supports the university's teaching, learning, and research needs in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean studies and promotes the understanding of East Asia and its cultures.
  • Economics

    The study of economies and markets. Topics include advanced economic theory, development and economics of transition, econometrics, economic history, games and experimental methods, growth theory, international trade, macroeconomics, monetary economics and public economics.

  • Education

    Supports programs in Counseling & Educational Psychology, Curriculum & Instruction, Educational Leadership & Policy Studies, Instructional Systems Technology, and Language Education. Available in the Education Library, the collection is strong in the following areas: history of education, teaching, elementary and secondary education, school finance, school administration and organization, education of women, education of the gifted and handicapped, and American educational institutions.

  • English and American Language and Literature

    The resources provided in this guide are organized, in part, according to the major concentrations within English Studies. It includes bibliographic databases, reference resources and digital collections that constitute a valuable knowledge base for research projects.

  • Ethnomusicology

    Ethnomusicology is the interdisciplinary study of all types of music from all cultures.

  • European Studies

    Pertains to the history and the social and policy sciences that investigate contemporary political, institutional, sociological, and cultural developments in Europe and the European Union.

  • Folklore

    Find aids for your research in folklore and related fields here. Visit us on on the 7th floor of the Herman B Wells Library. The collection is open to researchers and the public seven days a week.
  • French & Italian

    This research guide covers all fields of French Studies. Notable collection strengths are the Enlightenment, post-1945 literature, and Francophone fiction. Coverage of Italian language and literature is also extensive. Areas of particular importance are Renaissance literature and culture, and contemporary Italian fiction.
  • Gender Studies

    Gender studies is a transdisciplinary field that bridges and embraces a variety of modes of inquiry relevant to gender and the ways in which this discourse intersects with other domains, particularly sexuality and the body; (dis)ability and neurodiversity; race, ethnicity, and nationality; & popular culture and representation, among many others.

  • Geography

    Resources related to the description, distribution, and interaction of the diverse physical, biological, and cultural features of the earth. Includes the study of Climate and Environmental Change, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Remote Sensing (RS), Food and Agriculture, Cities, Development and Justice, and Water Resources.
  • Germanic Studies

    All fields of German Studies are covered. In addition Dutch, Danish, Swedish and Norwegian materials are included in the collection.

  • Global Studies

    Global Studies is the interdisciplinary study and critical analysis of issues and problems that transcend national boundaries and world areas.

  • Government Information

    Many special indexes and catalogs are listed here as resources but some may be available only in print. You might also find our United States Government guides on topics such as Congress, the Presidents, and Citing U.S. Government Documents useful.
  • History

    The strength of the History collection of Indiana University Bloomington Libraries has always been its breadth of coverage, which reflects the Department of History's commitment to a broad curriculum. The collection covers all periods of history and spans the entire globe.
  • History and Philosophy of Science

    The IU Bloomington Libraries support the study of the history and philosophy of science with a large, diverse and historically rich collection. In addition to the electronic resources included in this guide, you can find related materials in the Wells Library, the University Archives, the Lilly Library, and the Science Libraries.

  • Informatics, Computing, and Engineering

    Informatics encompasses subjects including library and information science and computer science, and incorporates specializations in social, medical, musical, and bioinformatics.

  • International Studies

    Resources related to the interdisciplinary study of the world and its governments. Subjects include such topics as Global Health & Environment, Global Integration & Development, Human Rights & Social Movements, International Communication, and Nations, States & Boundaries.

  • Jewish Studies

    Strengths of the collection include Rabbinical literature and Biblical studies, Late antiquity, Jewish history, Zionism, Jewish philosophy and thought, Jewish Diaspora, Land of Israel history and geography, Holocaust- history, literature and personal narrative documentation and biography, Hebrew literature: Piyyutim, medieval and modern, Arab-Israeli conflict, Hebrew/Israeli language and culture. The Jewish Studies collections are complemented by strong collections in Slavic Studies, Near Eastern Languages and Literatures, History and Religion Studies, as well as by rare books and manuscripts in the collections of the Lilly Library.

  • Latin American and Caribbean Studies

    Pertains to the study of culture, history, language and social sciences relating to Argentina, Brazil, Mexico and Peru, as well as other countries in central America and the Caribbean.

  • Latino Studies

    Pertains to the multidisciplinary study of the diverse Latino population of the United States. Examines topics such as diaspora and civil rights.

  • Law

    Resources related to the study of national and state laws and legal codes in the United States.

  • Linguistics

    The Libraries' Linguistics collection is particularly strong in the basic components of general linguistics -- syntax, phonology, and semantics --; it also covers applied areas such as translation, sociolinguistics, psycholinguistics, and historical linguistics.

  • Mathematics

    Resources related to the fields of algebra, analysis, complex analysis, geometry, logic, mathematical physics, partial differential equations, applied mathematics and computation, probability and statistics, and topology. Financial mathematics, quantum computing and econometrics comprise other specialties in the field.

  • Media Studies

    Media Studies refers to the broad range of interdisciplinary subjects focusing on media culture and production.
  • Medicine

    Pertains to the science that studies wellness and disease with an emphasis on cell biology, pharmacology, physiology and biophysics. Research is frequently conducted in the fields of cancer, neural science, chemistry, biochemistry, biology and others.

  • Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies

    The Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies collection supports the research and curriculum needs of the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures (NELC) and related academic units in the College of Arts and Sciences. The collection contains both primary and secondary source materials with an emphasis on scholarly publications in the humanities and social sciences, and on materials in the three main vernacular languages of the area: Arabic, Hebrew, and Persian, as well as ancient Greek, Kurdish, Ottoman Turkish, Syriac, and Urdu.
  • Military Science

    Resources related to the study of techniques, psychology and practice used in military conflict and warfare. The field concerns itself with the training of officers and soldiers.

  • Music

    The field of music includes composition, performance, and scholarship. The latter focuses primarily on music history, theory, and education. Music of all genres and disciplines are covered, including, but not limited to jazz, popular, opera, symphonic, orchestral, chamber, and experimental music.
  • Nursing

    This research guide supports the teaching and learning needs of the School of Nursing in Bloomington. It provides access to a wide range of clinical and biomedical tools and resources, along with updates on events and training sessions hosted by the Libraries.

  • Optometry

    Pertains to vision sciences, optometry and ophthalmology. Accomodates study and research in anatomy, physiology, neurology and pathology of visual systems of humans and animals; general optics; visual and color perception, alternative or controversial approaches to vision care, and the history of optometry.

  • Philosophy

    The IU Bloomington Libraries' Philosophy collection supports research and teaching in all branches of philosophy. Historically, emphasis has been placed on Western philosophy (Western Europe, Great Britain, and America); coverage of the philosophy of the Orient, Eastern Europe, and Latin America is limited.

  • Physics

    Resources related to the mathematical and scientific study of matter. Specializations are nuclear and particle physics, theoretical physics, mathematical physics, experimental high energy physics. In recent years research in biophysics, biocomplexity, neutrinos, gravitational physics, astrophysics, condensed matter, and materials supporting the low energy neutron source.

  • Political Science

    Resources related to the study of the processes, principles, and structure of government and of political institutions. Some specific fields are American Politics, Comparative Politics, International Relations, Public Policy, Political Philosophy, Theory and Methodology.

  • Psychological and Brain Sciences

    This collection of resources covers the scientific study of mental processes and behavior in humans and other animals. Biology and behavior, clinical science, cognitive science, neuroscience, social psychology, counseling, educational and developmental psychology comprise the major fields of research in this area.

  • Public and Environmental Affairs

    Serving the School of Public and Environmental Affairs (SPEA), this multidisciplinary subject includes Arts Management and Administration, Environmental Science, Health Administration, Human Resources Management, and Public Affairs and Policy.

  • Public Health

    Resources related to disciplines such as Applied Health Science, Kinesiology, and Recreation and Park Administration that study the wellness and health of humans via safety management, dietetics and nutrition, exercise science, health behavior, human performance and leisure behavior, underwater resource management, sports management and more.

  • Religious Studies

    Resources supporting the study of religion. The Libraries maintain very strong collections in Christianity, Judaism, Islam and Buddhism, and rapidly growing collections in Hinduism and other religions.

  • Slavic and East European Studies

    IU's Slavic and East European collection is one of the most extensive Slavic and East European collections of North America. The collection is comprehensive covering more than 15 vernacular language publications and is well developed to support PhD researches in many areas. It is much more than a Russia-focused collection. Polish, Czech, Romanian, and Slovenian collections are also very strong.
  • Social Work

    Social work is the professional activity of helping individuals, groups, or communities to enhance or restore their capacity for social functioning and to create societal conditions favorable to this goal. Includes: helping people obtain tangible services; providing counseling and psychotherapy; helping communities or groups provide social and health services; and participating in relevant legislative processes.

  • Sociology

    Sociology is the study of the social forces that influence human behavior. Used in a variety of disciplines and practices, sociology addresses theory, experimentation methods, data and content analysis, and other professional practices.

  • South Asian Studies

    Interdisciplinary research and curriculum support related to South Asia broadly, including India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, and the Maldives.
  • Southeast Asian Studies

    Interdisciplinary research and curriculum support for Southeast Asia - relevant countries include Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Timor L'este, Brunei, Singapore, Papua New Guinea, Cambodia, Laos, Burma, Thailand, and Vietnam.
  • Spanish and Portuguese

    Resources related to the study of the language, culture, history, literature and linguistics of Spanish-speaking and Portuguese-speaking countries. Also addresses Iberian Medieval and Golden Age literatures, colonial Brazilian literature, South American literature, and Mexican literature.

  • Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences

    Resources related to the science of normal speech processes, language, and hearing along with research and study of communication disorders. Specializations constitute audiology and speech-language pathology, among others.

  • Statistical Resources

    Find resources containing data and statistics. Includes documents and interactive databases providing numerical data and research results, covering international economics, census and demographics, education, vital and health status, environmental, and socioeconomic conditions.

  • Theatre and Drama

    Pertains to acting for the stage, directing, criticism, theory and philosophy, theatre history, costume, lighting, set design and scenography, stage movement, sound engineering, puppetry, voice and diction, and dramaturgy. Also addresses literature such as screenplays, plays, playwrights, etc.

  • Tibetan Studies

    Tibetan Studies encompass the language, literature, and culture of Tibet. Areas covered include history, religion, philosophy, linguistics, literature, folklore, social life and customs, education, the arts, and traditional medicine.

  • Victorian Studies

    Resources related to the interdisciplinary study of the literature, culture, psychology, sociology, narrative theory, and gender studies in the Victorian era.