Use the following guide as a key to interpreting the meaning of parts of the citations and abbreviations found in citations to Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps.

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Sample Citation and Explanation


Bloomington (Monroe County)
1920 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 InU
1927 28 sheets InU
1927-1934 33 sheets In & m


  1. "Bloomington" is the name of the community which is listed as the title of the volume of Sanborn Maps.
  2. "Monroe County" is the county in which Bloomington is located.
  3. "1927" is the year in which the map was published; "1927-1934" indicates that the maps were published in 1927 and revised through 1934.
  4. "01 02 03," etc. should be links to digital copies of the maps where available. If there is no link, then that map is currently missing from the digital collection.
  5. "28 sheets" indicates the number of sheets in a set that we do not have digital copies of.
  6. "InU" and "In" are location symbols.
  7. "m" indicates that the holdings are available in microform as well as the original (print) colored maps.

Key to Symbols

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A key to the colors and symbols used on Sanborn maps to indicate what buildings are made of, where fire facilities are, and other features.

This key is taken from the 195 Catalogue of insurance maps published by Sanborn Map Company, 1950 [IUCat Call no: HG 9771 .C37 1949].

Index to Location Codes and Abbreviations

The following location codes are listed in the Union List of Sanborn Maps.

Location Code Name of Institution
CLU University of California, Los Angeles
IaU University of Iowa Libraries, Iowa City
In Indiana State Library, Indianapolis
InFW Fort Wayne Public Library
InTV Vigo County Historical Society, Terre Haute
InU Indiana University, Geography & Map Library, Bloomington
IU University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
MiD Detroit Public Library
NN New York Public Library, Map Division


Symbols Other Abbreviations and Symbols
m Microform
* Incomplete
? Number of sheets unknown

Union List of Sanborn Maps

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