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English and Hebrew-language full-text, searchable books.
Additional Information:
Judaic Scholar Digital Reference Library contains around 300 English and Hebrew-language full-text, searchable books.
Book topics include:
Biography/Memoirs, General Jewish-Interest Literature, Hebrew, History, Holocaust, Israel, Jewish Religious Thought, Modern political thought, Morals and Ethics, References, Torah (Oral), and Torah/Bible.
Among the books are History of the Jews (Graetz, 6 vols.), The Pharisees (Finkelstein, 2 vols.), The Jewish Community (Baron, 3 vols.) and Legends of the Bible (Ginzberg)
There are also collections, and the collections include:
Encyclopedia of Religion and Ethics, Hebrew Bible: Text and Commentary, JPS Digital Torah Library, Judaic Scholar Digital Reference Library, Rabbinic Bookshelf, S.R. Driver - U. Cassuto Collection, Sepharad: The Essential Library, The Hebrew University Magnes Press, The International Critical Commentary on the Holy Scriptures: Tanakh, The Jewish Encyclopedia, The War against Israel, and The Hebrew University Magnes Press.

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