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Journals@ OVID Full Text contains the full text of at least 82 journal titles. They are also linked through MEDLINE (OVID).
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Journals@ OVID Full Text contains the full text of 82 journal titles that were formerly found in the Ovid Collections (Mental Health Collection, the four Biomedical Collections, and the Ovid Nursing Collection).

The most commonly used search commands are keyword, author and journal (to see a list of articles in a specific journal). If you do not find the journal you need, try a search for the author's name in MEDLINE. MEDLINE includes links to the full-text in Journals@ OVID Full Text plus additional citations to journals not included in Journals@ OVID FullText. For most searches, it is strongly recommended that users start author or subject searches in the Ovid version of Medline. It is possible to search both databases at one time.
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