The IU Libraries Moving Image Archive (IULMIA) offers the new Jorgensen IULMIA Fellowship to graduate students who are interested in pursuing a career in film and media preservation and archiving.  The fellowship is for one year with the potential for extension for a maximum of two years. Students are encouraged to apply. This scholarship is made possible from a gift by the Jorgensen Family Foundation.

Compensation: $7,500 for the year that the recipient holds the fellowship. 

Application Deadline: May 16, 2023. See below as to how to apply.

Position Description

The fellowship recipient agrees to work 180 hours (approximately 12 hours/week) each semester in the Moving Image Archive, Wells Library, for the duration of the scholarship. This work involves: 

  • Processing collections of film and video
  • Preparing films and video for digitization
  • Inventory of collections in database 
  • Creating finding aids

Examples of Possible Projects:

  • Curation of Social Justice Collections: We have begun work on identifying films and videos that speak for under-represented communities. The work involved to identify and curate these
  • Clio Advertising Awards: With over 12,000 international ads that were submitted for the Awards, on film and video, there is tremendous opportunity for a two-year project to process, inventory, identify and work to digitize and create infinite online exhibits contextualizing and promoting this unique collection.
  • Agency for Instructional Technology (AIT): Over the last eight years, AIT has donated its entire collection to IULMIA. Some of the holdings are digitized and valuable in the current e-learning climate. The Archive receives weekly requests for this collection and is the core focus of an upcoming book by Dr. Owen Gottlieb from Rochester Institute of Technology. The ~30,000 videos and films, some of which are now digitized, require substantial work to describe and to make available.
  • National Educational Television (NET): Pre-cursor to PBS, IU was the NET distributor for over half a century and the archive holds over 4,000 original and unique programs related to the history, arts and social movements in the US dating from the 1940s- 1980s. Australian historian Dr. Catherine Bishop is writing a book that will be published by IU Press based on a series in this collection. Dr. Bishop’s two-part blog post is here. There is increasing research demand for this collection and continued archiving and promotion of this collection is a fantastic multi-year project for students.
  • Teachers Guides for Films: These teachers guides are a very important part of the puzzle of educational films as they show us how the films might have been used and how they were intended to be incorporated into classroom curricula. Of great interest to media scholars working on educational film, these 2,000 paper guides need a finding aid, digitization and matching the guide and the film for online placement. Students could help meet increased research demand.
  • TVDays collection: IULMIA’s newest collection contains early historic rare television on film. Donor Ira Gallen used to appear on The Tonight Show and national television news to talk about his archive. Assistance is needed to inventory and describe collection, assisting with vendor digitization and then final exhibition.

The ideal candidate will have a stated desire to enter the field of media preservation. Because, as part of its mission, Indiana University is committed to diversity, special consideration will be given to students from underrepresented minority populations, including but not limited to financially challenged students, and/or students with diverse cultural experiences.


  • Enrolled in IUB graduate program throughout the course of the scholarship
  • Strong commitment to pursuing a career in Moving Image Preservation

To Apply:

Submit the following information as e-mail attachments to the Moving Image Archive ( Please use the subject line: Jorgensen IULMIA Fellowship.

  • Two to three paragraphs that outline your qualifications for the position and addresses the kinds of library public services activities you hope to pursue in your professional career
  • Current resume/CV
  • Your availability for a 30-minute interview during business hours from May 10-14, 2021.


  • May 16, 2023, 5pm: Application deadline
  • June 1, 2023: Finalists contacted to schedule personal interviews
  • June 22, 2023 – All interviews completed
  • June 29, 2023 – Scholarship offer made

For further information, contact the Moving Image Archive at

IULMIA teaching film preservation