Williams Evans Jenkins served as the Chief Librarian of Indiana University Libraries starting in 1904 after graduating from Melville Dewey's library school. Jenkins was also an IU alumnus, BA 1891 and a Stanford alumnus, MA 1894. After converting the books from Dewey Decimal to the Library of Congress system, Jenkins opened the IU Library in Franklin Hall in 1908. He established a budget office, interlibrary loan, and library courses. In 1921, he resigned from the position of Chief Librarian, but continued to teach and served on the Faculty Library Committee until his retirement in 1932.

This award is given in honor of a Indiana University librarian who has made significant contributions to the library profession or Indiana University Libraries.

Former recipients:

2023:    Nazareth Pantaloni III, Head Copyright Program
2022:     Lori Duggan, Head of Aquisitions, Technical Services
2021:     Andrew Asher, Assessment Librarian, Planning and Administration
2020:     Award not given due to Pandemic
2019:     Andrea Morrison, Head, Monographic Text Cataloging
2018:     Dina Kellams, Director, University Archives
2017:     Carl Horne, Slavic and Central Eurasian Cataloger and NACO Liaison
2016:     Erika Dowell, Assoc. Dir. & Curator of Modern Books & Manuscripts, Lilly Library
2015:     No nominations
2014:     Jackie Byrd, Area Studies Cataloging Section
2013:     Rebecca Cape, Lilly Library
2012:     No nominations
2011:      Roger Beckman, Chemistry and Life Sciences Libraries with
                Mechael Charbonneau, Technical Services
2010:     Elizabeth Johnson, Lilly Library     
2009:     No nominations
2008:     Julie Bobay, IU Scholar Works and Collection Development
2007:     P. Eileen Fry, Fine Arts Slide Library with Carolyn Walters, Library Administration
2006:     Bob Goehlert, Subject and Area Librarians Council with
               C. Patricia Riesenman, retiree from Reference
2005:     No nominations
2004:     No nominations
2003:     Patricia A. Steele, Customer and Access Services
2002:     Lois Heiser, Geology Library
2001:     Mary Pagliero Popp, Library Information Technology
2000:     No nominations
1999:     Lou Malcomb, Government Publications
1998:     Ann Bristow, Reference
1997:     Frances G. Wilhoit, Journalism Library
1996:     Barbara B. Fischler, University Library, Indianapolis with
               Nancy C. Cridland, Subject and Area Librarians Council
1995:     No nominations
1994:     Gloria D. Westfall, Government Publications
1993:     Gary Wiggins, Chemistry Library
1992:     Betty Jo Irvine, Fine Arts Library
1991:     Carolyn A. Snyder, Library Administration
1990:     David E. Fenske, Music Library with Julieanne V. Nilson, Acquisitions
1989:     Helen Lightfoot Fried, Government Publications
1988:     Polly Swift Grimshaw, Subject and Area Librarians Council
1987:     Cecil Kash Byrd, Lilly Library with Martin D. Joachim, Cataloging