Dictionaries and Encyclopedia

三省堂 Web Dictionary
  - Web-based pop-up dictionary for Japanese, Chinese, Korean and other languages
Infoseek マルチ辞書
Tangorin Japanese Dictionary - free online Japanese-English dictionary.
JAANUS Japanese Architecture and Art Net Users System
- Encyclopedia of Japanese Culture

Newspapers and Electronic Journals

Shuppan Nyusu = 出版ニュース
Journal @rchive
Yomiuri Shinbun = 読売新聞
Nikkei Net = 日本経済新聞
Mainichi Shinbun = 毎日新聞
Ryukyu Shimpo = 琉球新報
Okinawa Times = 沖縄タイムス
Sankei Nyusu= 産経ニュース
Shakai Shisoshi Kenkyu = 社会思想史研究 (Coverage: 1977 - 1986)
Japan Web News = 全国新聞ニュース網
Kyodo News = 共同通信
Jiji.com = 時事通信社
Newsweek Japan = ニューズウイーク
The Japan Times
NHK Online = NHK ニュース

Full-text Classics

- Collection of selected Japanese literature with expired copyrights, or the authors agreed to release the copyrights.

Japanese Text Initiative (University of Virginia Library)

近代デジタルライブラリー (国立国会図書館電子図書館)
- Image database of books published in the Meiji era (1868-1921)

日本ペンクラブ電子文藝館 = The Japan P.E.N. Club Digital Library

日本外交文書, 1867-1926 = Digital Archive of the Documents on Japanese Foreign Policy
*Please download the following Djvu Viewer to view the full-text: http://www.caminova.jp/ja/downloads/download.aspx?id=1

Japanese Romanization Systems

Judopedia's Hepburn romanization

Japanese Romanization System

Periodicals and Newspaper Indexes

The Gordon W. Prange Collection = 占領期雑誌記事情報データベース
- The Collection comprises virtually everything published on all subjects during the Occupation Period (1945-1949): books, pamphlets, newspapers, periodicals, news agency photographs, posters, maps and related archival materials.

Publishers /Online Bookstores

Honto ネットストア

Religious Studies

- Contains keyword search functions for names and phrases related to religions in Japan.
宗教教団情報データベース = Religious Information Research Center Database
神道基本用語集 = Basic Terms of Shinto
-Introduces famous Japanese temples and presents various information about Japanese history and culture.

Subject Guides: General

J-Guide (Stanford University)
Jim Breen's Japanese Page (Monash University)
Premodern Japanese Texts and Translations
 - This bibliography contains primarily literary prose and poetry written in Japan before the year 1600.
National Clearinghouse for U.S. - Japan Studies
Contains educational resources about Japanese society, culture, educational systems, and U.S.-Japan relations.
論文情報ナビゲータ = CiNii (NII Scholarly and Academic Information Navigator)
-Provides access to more than ten million bibliographic information, some in full-texts, of journal articles and academic bulletin papers in arts, science, and medicine published by Japanese institutes, etc.

Subject Guides: Topical

大日本史料総合データベース = The Dai Nihon Shiryo Unified Database
 - An ongoing project to index all major events mentioned in Dai Nihon shiryobetween the years 887 and 1867.
東洋学文献類目検索 [第 5.2α 版]
- Contains bibliography of Asian studies between 1934 and 2000.
東洋学文献類目検索 [第 6.10 版]
- Contains bibliography of Asian studies after 1981.
国立国語研究所 = The National Institute for Japanese Language
- Maintains data on all linguistic research done on Japanese, and contains planning and research for Japanese language education.
国文学研究資料館 = National Institute of Japanese Literature
  - Digital library of classical literature and image databases of literature which were published in modern era Japan.
国立公文書館デジタルアーカイブ = National Archives of Japan Digital Archive
ことば に関する新聞記事 検索
明治前期編 法令検索
- Index to Japanese law and legislation in early Meiji period (Oct. 1867-Feb. 1886)
白書 (年次報告書)
  - Contains government white papers from 1996-2004
Bank of Japan (日本銀行)


 - With information related to Japanese culture and industry.
 - Provides information related to traditional Japanese cultures.
 - Web site for traditional Japanese court dress (Shozoku).
Kinema Club
Midnight Eye:The latest and best in Japanese cinema

Statistics and Directories

政府統計の総合窓口 = Portal Site of Official Statistics of Japan
女性と男性に関する統 計データベース = Gender statistics database (NWEC)
総務省統計局 = Statistics Bureau and Statistics Center, Japan


電子国土ポータル (Geographical Survey Institute)
Japanese Historical Maps (UC Berkeley)
郵便番号検索システム = Postal Code Search 


日本漫画家協会 = The Japan Cartoonists Association
日本動画協会 = The Association of Japanese Animations
Crunchyroll - Online video service legally distributing anime and movie clippings from Japan and Asia for free.

Gateways and Portals

Yahoo! Japan
Infoseek Japan
Google ディレクトリー

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