Digital screens are available in the Wells Library so that the IU Libraries can inform all IU Libraries users of services, news, events, policy changes, and procedures in a timely, consistent, and concise manner.

  • Indiana University Emergency Messages
  • IU Libraries' programs and services
  • IU Libraries-sponsored events and activities
  • IU Libraries' campus partner events taking place with the IU Libraries
  • Indiana University departments, offices, agencies, and academic programs

The IU Libraries reserves the right to decline requests for advertising and to stop a non-IU Libraries announcement before its end date to accommodate IU emergency messages or IU Libraries information.

An updated posting of ads occurs each Monday (or on Tuesday, if the Monday is a holiday). Ads may be submitted at any time, but submissions received by 5pm on Wednesdays will be released the following Monday. Ads received after that time will be bundled with the subsequent grouping. Please submit your ads in time to ensure that they will be posted in advance of your event.

  1. When creating your ad, follow the Design Guidelines below.
  2. Submit the Ad Placement Request Form.
  3. Upload your ad to your preferred IU Cloud Storage and include the link to its location on your form (preferred); or, if it is not possible to upload to cloud storage, you may email your ad to libweb @ indiana . edu. Please bear in mind our submission schedule (submissions received on Wednesdays by 5pm are scheduled for release the following Monday). (About the IU Cloud Storage Portal)
  4. Our team will review the ad and notify you once it has been included in our weekly rotation.

  • Make sure your ad is sized at 1920 x 1080 pixels (with a resolution of 96 dpi) and saved as a PNG file format.
  • Keep copy to a minimum, meaning no more than 50 words per slide. This includes headings and titles.
  • Utilize existing IU brand elements - fonts, colors, voice, and verbal/visual style - whenever possible. Visit for the most up-to-date information regarding IU brand guidelines and access to downloadable brand resources,
  • Use of third-party images in copyright must be licensed or a fair use.  
  • The use of a person’s name or likeness for marketing must be licensed.

Branding or design questions? Send an email to: libcomm @ indiana . edu .

If you need a custom design for a special event or service, contact libcomm @ indiana . edu . Lead times for custom ads are longer than for Ad Placement requests. Please make your request at least four weeks before you would like the ad to run.

Additional questions?

Please contact libweb @ indiana . edu .

Example Ads

A Look Back: IU Students in 1914.
GIS Day at Wells Library.
Eat Your Vegetables: Five centuries of vegetarianism and the printed word.
Directed by John Boorman: An Introduction to His Collection at the Lilly Library.