IU Archives acquires Assembly Hall turnstile

March 7th 2016
Jim Champion, IU Libraries Facilities and Renovation Officer, wheels in turnstile #14

By now it is likely you have seen the news stories about the Assembly Hall turnstiles the IU Surplus Store is auctioning (if you haven't, great IDS covereage here!) We learned about the turnstiles once they began hitting the news and while our collection focuses primarily on materials with research value, this is such an iconic piece of Indiana University history that it just seemed we HAD to have one. A call to our good friends at IU Surplus led to them pulling turnstile #16 out of the auction so that it could be forever enjoyed by visitors to the Archives! 

The turnstiles are being auctioned one by one. They began with 24 total and auctions run through the beginning of April, so if you would like your piece of IU basketball history, head to www.govdeals.com and search for Indiana University. If you'd rather keep that money in your pocket, swing by the Archives and take a selfie with good ole #16! 

P.S. IUB's Director of Strategic Communications Ryan Piurek featured our turnstile on his Btown Banter blog last week. Check it out! http://viewpoints.iu.edu/btown-banter/2016/03/04/spinning-through-the-spirit-and-tradition-of-hoosier-hoops-history/

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