Introducing Shoah Foundation Visual History Archive

Posted by Nicholas Wyant, Head, Social Sciences
Two rows of brick buildings in Auschwitz with snow on the ground in late January.

In 1994 after directing Schindler’s List Steven Spielberg helped establish the Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation and began gathering video testimonies from witnesses and survivors of the Holocaust. Indiana University Libraries recently acquired The Shoah Foundation Visual History Archive making IU one of the only institutions in the Midwest with access to this expansive, important resource. At its inception the Visual History Archive dealt solely with testimonies from Holocaust survivors, but has since expanded its focus and begun collecting testimonies from survivors of the Rwandan, Armenian and Nanjing genocides. Currently The Visual History Archive offers more than 52,000 testimonies conducted in 61 different countries and 39 different languages adding up to over 109,729 hours of video that has been placed into categories based on location of the genocide. All of which are indexed and fully searchable to the minute. With such a large scope and thorough index this resource has much to offer researchers in History and Jewish Studies as well as any number of other fields.

-Tim Berge