Internships and Practicums


ATM library assistant cataloging Greek 78s
ATM Library Assistant Lindsay Weaver catalogs Greek 78s.


If you are interested in pursuing a career in archiving, libraries, media preservation, curation, or special collections, we can arrange an internship or practicum for credit through your department. The Archives of Traditional Music is an excellent place to gain experience in the practice of archiving or to develop a curatorial project for your portfolio. Internship and practicum opportunities are limited however, and must be discussed well before-hand with the supervisors of your area of interest.

ATM graduate assistant sorting sound recordings
ATM Graduate Assistant Ross Brillhart sorts sound recordings.



Dr. Xavier Vatin speaks at the ATM on his work to repatriate Brazilian recordings by Lorenzo Dow Turner.
Dr. Xavier Vatin recently received an IU fellowship to study Lorenzo Dow Turner recordings at the ATM.


The Archives of Traditional Music has hosted scholars from internal and external fellowship programs such as the the Institute for Advanced Study and the Brazilian Ministry of Education's CAPES Foundation, and welcomes collaborations with fellowship programs and scholars.