Industry/Market Research

Posted by Christina Sheley, Head, Business/SPEA Information Commons
Industry/Market research

The libraries subscribe to a large number of information resources that can be used to research industries and markets. 

Here are some suggestions for specific kinds of information:

Trends and Analysis: Use IBISWorld, Passport GMID, Marketline, and S&P NetAdvantage Industry Surveys (U.S.) for current and projected trends, strengths and weaknesses, and assessments of current industry performance. IBIS World also includes information tailored to selected states within the U.S.

Statistics and Financial Information: Use IBISWorld, Marketline, and S&P NetAdvantage Industry Surveys (U.S.) to get information on market size, rate of growth, average costs, market segmentation, and more.

Market Share: Use IBISWorld, Mintel (U.S.), and Passport GMID to see how a market is divided among the major competitors.

For specialized markets use:

Porter’s Five Forces: Marketline supplies a Five Forces analysis, which uses five influences, or forces, to evaluate the profitability of a given industry.

Industry Ratios: Use IBISWorld, S&P NetAdvantage Industry Surveys, and Factiva, to obtain key industry ratios that measure risk, performance, and changes over time. When using Factiva, go to the Companies/Markets tab and select Industry. Choose an Industry Snapshot.

List of Companies: Use ReferenceUSA (U.S.), D&B Business Browser, or PrivCo (Private Companies) to create a list of companies within a specific industry.

News: Use Factiva, ABI Inform, or Regional Business News to get the latest news for a given market, or to supplement information from other sources. When using Factiva, When using Factiva, go to the Companies/Markets tab and select Industry, then choose an Industry Snapshot; To search for articles on a specific topic, click on the Search tab, then choose Search Builder at the top of the page.

Industry Sector Time Series Data: Use WRDS (Wharton Research Data Service), Bloomberg, SDC Platinum, and Datastream, to collect multiple data points for a given industry over time. Bloomberg, SDC Platinum, and Datastream are accessible through dedicated terminals in the Business/SPEA Information Commons.

Supply Chain Information: Use Procurement IQ to ontain reports that cover product/service pricing dynamics, product characteristics that affect the purchasing decision, supplier benchmarking and supply chain risks, and negotiation questions and tactics.

Have other industry/market research needs? Contact the Business/SPEA Information Commons in-person or by e-mail or chat for assistance.