Industry/Market Research

Posted by Christina Sheley, Head, Business/SPEA Information Commons
Industry/Market research

The libraries subscribe to a large number of information resources that can be used to research industries and markets. 

Here are some suggestions for specific kinds of information:

Trends and Analysis: Use IBIS World, Passport GMID, Marketline, and S&P NetAdvantage Industry Surveys (U.S.) for current and projected trends, strengths and weaknesses, and assessments of current industry performance.

Statistics and Financial Information: Use IBIS World, Marketline, and S&P NetAdvantage Industry Surveys (U.S.) to get information on market size, rate of growth, average costs, market segmentation, and more.

Market Share: Use IBIS World, Mintel (U.S.), and Passport GMID to see how a market is divided among the major competitors.

For specialized markets use:

Porter’s Five Forces: Marketline supplies a Five Forces analysis, which uses five influences, or forces, to evaluate the profitability of a given industry.

Industry Ratios: Use IBIS World, S&P NetAdvantage Industry Surveys, and Factiva, to obtain key industry ratios that measure risk, performance, and changes over time. When using Factiva, go to the Companies/Markets tab and select Industry. Choose an Industry Snapshot.

List of Companies: Use ReferenceUSA (U.S.), D&B Business Browser, or PrivCo (Private Companies) to create a list of companies within a specific industry.

News: Use Factiva, ABI Inform, or Regional Business News to get the latest news for a given market, or to supplement information from other sources. When using Factiva, When using Factiva, go to the Companies/Markets tab and select Industry, then choose an Industry Snapshot; To search for articles on a specific topic, click on the Search tab, then choose Search Builder at the top of the page.

Industry Sector Time Series Data: Use WRDS (Wharton Research Data Service), Bloomberg, SDC Platinum, and Datastream, to collect multiple data points for a given industry over time. Bloomberg, SDC Platinum, and Datastream are accessible through dedicated terminals in the Business/SPEA Information Commons.

Have other industry/market research needs? Contact the Business/SPEA Information Commons in-person or by e-mail or chat for assistance.