Puppetry is one of the oldest forms of performance art in Indonesia, dating back at least to the first century CE. It is called wayang, from the Javanese word for "shadow", though the term is used for more theatrical forms than those involving puppets. There are four kinds of wayang: wayang beber (scroll paintings), wayang kulit (shadow puppets made of leather), wayang golek (3-D wooden rod puppets), and wayang wong (human dance based on wayang puppetry). Follow the link below to visit a LibGuide which provides an introduction to and reference materials for wayang puppetry. Though it was created for the Fall 2014 course TA 775: Museums and Performance, it would be helpful for anyone interested in this topic.

Still/Moving: Puppets and Indonesia

A Javanese wayang kulit (shadow puppet) performance by Ki Manteb Sudharsono