These titles that relate to Indiana natural history are available electronically in full-text. They were selected to give an idea of the richness of our state and were drawn from works that are in the public domain. We hope to make others available later as we obtain permission from the copyright holders.

Bartle, Glenn G. (1899-1977)
A geologic and physiographic study of the region in the vicinity of Raccoon Creek, and the Wabash River, lying principally in Parke County, Indiana  (1923)

Berg, Georg

Fish culture on the farm (1920)

Blatchley, Willis Stanley

On the Coleoptera known to occur in Indiana (1910)
(1859-1940) A preliminary catalogue of the flora of Monroe County (1879)
  The Orthoptera of Indiana. An illustrated descriptive catalogue of the species known to occur in the state, with bibliography, synonymy and descriptions of new species. (1902)
  The Indiana Weed Book (1912)
  A Catalog of the uncultivated ferns and fern allies and the flowering plants of Vigo County, Indiana (1896)
  Notes on some phanerogams new or rare to the state (1896)
Coulter, Stanley
A catalogue of the flowering plants and of the ferns and their allies indigenous to Indiana (1899)
  Contributions to the Flora of Indiana V  <(from the 1897 Proceedings of the Indiana Academy of Science, pages 157-165)
  Contributions to the Flora of Indiana VI (from the 1899 Proceedings of the Indiana Academy of Science, pages 104-112)

Deam, Charles Clemon

Guide to Clark County State Forest (1920)
(1865-1953) Trees of Indiana (1919)
  Grasses of Indiana (1929)
  Trees of Indiana (first revised version, 1921)
  Shrubs of Indiana (1924)
  Trees of Indiana (second revised version, 1932)
Flora of Indiana (1940)

Dryer, Charles Redway Wilmarth (1850-1927)
Studies in Indiana geography (1908)

Eigenmann, Carl H. (1863-1927)
Cave vertebrates of America: a study in degenerative evolution (1909)

Gerard, William J.
The periodical cicada (1923)

Hahn, Walter L.

The mammals of Indiana: a descriptive catalogue of the mammals occurring in Indiana in recent times (1909)

Indiana Department
of Conservation

  Handbook of Indiana Geology (1922)
  One Hundred years of Indiana's Resources (1920)

Indiana Department
of Natural Resources

Wildflowers which may be picked freely: wildflowers which may be picked in moderation (1978)

Indiana Division
of State Parks

The Hamer Pioneer Gardens, Spring Mill State Park, Mitchell, Indiana (1979?)

Indiana Division
of State Parks Naturalist Service

Color guide to fall foliage (1978)
  Spring wildflowers of McCormick's Creek State Park (1990)
  Summer and fall wildflowers of McCormick's Creek State Park (1990)
  22 trees of Indiana (1993)

Martin, Chris

Wabash River: Indiana's Wabash River heritage corridor (2000)

McAtee, Waldo

Birds of the vicinity of the University of Indiana (1904)

Pickett, Fermen
A Contribution to our knowledge of Arisaema tiphullum (1915)

Sauers, Chas. G. (Charles G.)
McCormick's Creek Canyon State Park: a history and description (1923)

Shaw, Thomas
Fifty common trees of Indiana (revised version, 1963)

Streightoff, Frances Doan (1885-1969)
Indiana: a social and economic survey (1916)

Visher, Stephen Sargent (1887-1967)
Economic geography of Indiana (1923)

Whitfield, Robert
Parr, 1828-1910
Description of a new crinoid from Indiana (1900)

Wollen, William Watson (1838-1921)
Birds of Buzzard's Roost, one for each week, and other essays (1907)

Young, A.H. (Andrew Harvey), b.1852
Manual of the botany of Jefferson Co (1871)

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