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Index to over 45,000 works of Medieval art from early Christian period to A.D. 1400.
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Based on The index of Christian art, a thematic and iconographic index of early Christian and medieval art objects begun at Princeton University in 1917, the index catalogs primarily Christian art from early apostolic times to approximately 1400 A.D. While coverage is predominantly of Christian iconography, Jewish, Islamic, and non-ecclesiastical subjects are also covered. The database contains a portion of the index's backfiles as well as all works cataloged since 1991. Entries include descriptive information, provenance, location and ownership information, bibliographical references, and, when available, a photographic reproduction of the work of art.

Coverage: Early Christian times to A.D. 1400 - Updated Regularly

Vendor: Index of Christian Art, Princeton University

Producer: Index of Christian Art, Princeton University

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