Refereed journals include articles that are appraised by "expert" reviewers or referees prior to the publication of the work. After evaluating the submitted manuscript, a panel of referees make a recommendation for approval or rejection to the journal's editor. Refereed articles are often referred to as Peer Reviewed. Refereed journals are important because their content is authored by scholars, researchers, or scientists and shared among those studying and teaching in an academic discipline or a field of science. Not all scholarly journals are peer reviewed, although one can assume that a peer reviewed journal is scholarly. To make an accurate determination, check for the submission policies or the manuscript instructions on the journal's website.  Submission policies and detailed information for academic and science journals can also be found in Ulrichsweb: Global Serials Directory

The American Behavioral Scientist; Biological Psychology; American Journal of Political Science; Journal of International Business Studies; Public Administration Review; Public Opinion Quarterly; Journal of Sports Science and Medicine; and The Journal of Conflict Resolution are just a few specific examples of peer reviewed/refereed journals.        

Here are a few of the many databases in the Libraries' collection which index scholarly and peer reviewed/refereed journals:

Academic Search (EBSCO)



Lexis Nexis Academic



Web of Science

Many research databases will allow you to filter your results to show you only articles that are scholarly. If you are unsure about whether or not a journal is peer-reviewed, are looking for suggestions for identifying scholarly journals in a particular discipline, or have other general questions about your research ask us - we're glad to help!