There are multiple ways to view films and videos from the IU Libraries Moving Image Archive. An ever-growing number of them can be viewed online. If meeting the requirements of archival film projection, they are available for exhibition in repertory movies theaters, art galleries, and microcinemas. Instructors at Indiana University Bloomington can request an in-class screening of most of IULMIA's films and videos. And  except for prints in poor condition, almost all of the films can be viewed onsite.

Hundreds of titles from IULMIA’s collection have been digitized and are available to watch online for free. More are being digitized all the time. Watch a digitized film or video from the IULMIA collections, or view a film from our online exhibit of WWII propaganda films.

IULMIA does not currently have the ability to provide in-house digitization on demand. Contact IULMIA staff at the email address and/or phone number provided below to inquire about the possibility of digitizing a title from the Libraries' film and video collection.

Many of the films in this collection are available for screenings at cinemas that maintain the highest standards of archival projection. Most of these prints are over thirty years old and need to be carefully handled as if they are unique objects. Please get in touch with IULMIA staff to inquire about the availability and requirements to program a film. For most of the films and videos in the IULMIA collection, rights are held by a third party; it is the responsibility of programmers to clear any public performance rights on their own. Please book a film at least four weeks in advance of your screening date to ensure availability and delivery.

For local instructors at Indiana University Bloomington, IULMIA can, if needed, arrange in-class screenings of films from the collection. Please make any requests for in-class screenings before the start of the semester. When making this type of request, please provide the title of the requested film, department, class name, location, date and time.

Films can also be viewed onsite in the IULMIA workspaces at the Wells Library and/or the Ruth Lilly Auxiliary Library Facility. IULMIA has 16mm and 35mm flatbed viewers available for use by researchers.They are available by appointment only during normal business hours. There are no fees to view a film print onsite. If requesting less than five films for onsite viewing, they can be available in two business days after making a request. If requesting a much larger number of films please expect up to a two week waiting period before they can be watched. Please be aware that a requested film may not be viewable due to a print's poor physical condition arising from the natural deterioration of media objects.

At this time, IULMIA does not have the technological capabilities to facilitate stock footage requests. We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause.

To ask about IULMIA's online films, or to reserve a film for a research viewing, classroom screening, or other archival screening please email IULMIA at or call (812) 855-2523.