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Catalog Searches

Cataloged maps can be located through IUCat. Use the Advanced Keyword Search form and put the location of the area you're looking for in the Subject box. Then, try "(map or maps)" in the Keyword Anywhere box. You can also add keywords about the kind of map you're looking for. "Geology" or "Interstate 69," for example.

Be wary of limiting your search by "map" format. Many of our maps have not been encoded as such and will not show up if you select "map" as the format. Instead, add "map" as a keyword in your search.

Topographic Maps

7.5 and 15 minute maps file alphabetically by state and then by quad name. Ask at the service desk to be shown where.

To find the name of the quad you need, consult the USGS Map Locator.

For other sizes, consult IUCat.

For more information about what topographic maps are and how people use them, see our Topographic Maps page.

Uncataloged Maps

A large part of the map collection remains “uncataloged" and so there are no online records for them available. These maps are filed according to an area code system that assigns numbers to continents, countries and selected other geographical features. We have adopted a modified version of the area code system used by the library of the American Geographical Society to organize our holdings.

Learn more about how to find these maps on our AGS Place Name Index (and Uncataloged Maps) page.

Ask a Librarian

You are always welcome to ask the staff of Government Information, Maps and Microform Services for help.

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