Happy Birthday, Herman B Wells!

Photograph of Herman B Wells being congratulated at banquet
Golden Anniversary, December 2, 1988

Wells celebrated the 50th anniversary of the beginning of his tenure as President of IU in 1988.

Wells holding copy of his autobiography Being Lucky, 1980
Being Lucky, September 1980

Wells posing with a copy of his autobiography 'Being Lucky,' which was published in 1980.

Black and white photograph of Herman Wells shoveling dirt during a groundbreaking ceremony.
Musical Arts Center ground breaking, May 26, 1968

The completed building was dedicated in 1972.

Black and white photograph of Herman Wells speaking with students outdoors.
Visit to Thailand, September 1965

Wells visiting Thammasat University, which contracted IU to develop a new Institute of Public Administration in the 1950s.

Wells posing with winning cyclists of the 1956 Little 500 race and their trophies
Wells at the Little 500, May 1956

Wells with the winning cyclists from Phi Gamma Delta (FIJI)

Wells sitting at a table and signing a pile of IU diplomas
President Wells signing diplomas, January 6, 1950

In his autobiography, Wells called his personal signature on every diploma 'a matter of pride.'

Color photograph of Herman B Wells in a Santa Claus suit and beard
Wells dressed as Santa Claus, circa 1949

Wells continued to indulge in this festive tradition well into his retirement.

Cartoon of Herman Wells being arrested by 2 Soviet soldiers in Berlin
Wells' arrest in the Russian sector of Berlin, Evansville Courier, January 1948

Cartoonist Karl Kae Knecht inscribed his drawing to Wells, stating 'That I would like to have seen.'

Herman Wells sitting at desk surrounded by flower arrangements.
Wells appointed President of IU, March 22, 1938

Wells served as interim president after the retirement of William Lowe Bryan in 1937.

Herman B Wells sitting at desk, circa 1936
Wells as Dean of School of Business, circa 1936

Wells was appointed dean in May 1935, five years after he first became an instructor at IU.

Book Nook diploma, June 2, 1931, includes text 'The Book Nook hereby confers upon Herman Wells...the degree of Doctor of Nookology, Faculty Supervisor, Emeritus'
Book Nook Diploma, June 1931

Wells received his doctorate in 'Nookology' during the mock Book Nook Commencement of 1931.

Detail of Herman B Wells in Marching Hundred, wearing uniform and holding baritone horn
Marching Hundred, Foundation Day, 1922

Wells played the baritone as a student in the IU marching band.

Wells lying in grass next to collie(?) dog, with house and fields in background
Herman B Wells with his dog Scottie, circa 1921

Back of photo reads: 'Herman and Old Scotty. Taken at Grandma Mary Wells house.'

Young Wells standing in creek and holding bucket
Hunting Crawdads, 1910

Wells wrote in his autobiography that '[c]rawdad hunting was great sport'

Toddler Wells wearing hat and standing in front of a doorway outside a house
Young Herman, circa 1904

Back of photo reads: 'Herman Wells probably 2-1/2 yrs old'