Guide to Political Campaigns in America

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Resource for information about political campaigns and campaigning in America.
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Part I: Overview of Political Campaigns
Ch. 1: Election Campaigns in the United States
Ch. 2: The Evolution of Political Campaigns
Part II: Laws and Regulations Governing Campaigns
Ch. 3: Laws Governing Suffrage
Ch. 4: Voting and Ballots
Ch. 5: Nomination Politics: Primary Laws and Party Rules
Ch. 6: An Overview of Campaign Finance Law
Part III: Voters and Voting
Ch. 7: Overview of the Electorate and Party Identification
Ch. 8: Voter Turnout and Vote Choice
Part IV: The Players
Ch. 9: The Candidates
Ch. 10: Campaign Organization and Political Consultants
Ch. 11: Political Parties
Ch. 12: Interest Groups
Ch. 13: The Media
Part V: Campaigning
Ch. 14: Strategic and Tactical Decisions in Campaigns
Ch. 15: Campaigning for Cash
Ch. 16: Polling and Research
Ch. 17: Campaign Communications
Ch. 18: Debates
Ch. 19: Voter Mobilization
Part VI: Specific Campaigns
Ch. 20: Presidential Campaigns
Ch. 21: U.S. House Campaigns
Ch. 22: U.S. Senate Campaigns
Ch. 23: Gubernatorial Campaigns
Ch. 24: State House and Local Office Campaigns
Ch. 25: Judicial Elections
Ch. 26: Initiatives and Referenda
Part VII: Campaign Reform
Ch. 27: Reform

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Updated 2005
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