The Journal officiel serves as the primary source by which the French Government disseminates information about its activities. It includes, among other items, laws passed, documentation of parliamentary debates, and executive reports. The Journal officiel was published as the Moniteur universel; journal officiel, from 1848 to 1868. It has since been published as the Journal officiel de l'Empire francais, Journal officiel de l'Etat francais, Journal officiel de la France libre, Journal officiel de la France combattante, Journal officiel du Haut Commissariat de France en Afrique, and its current title, Journal officiel de la Republique francaise.

The Journal officiel was originally a single publication from 1869-1880. Since 1881, it has been issued in parts. These parts include lois et decrets (laws and decrees), debats parlementaires (legislative proceedings of the lower and upper house), documents parlementaires (annexes to proceedings, proposed laws and reports), administrative documents, and economic and social council reports. Following the links below to each major section will provide the reader with further detail as to what each section offers, and an outline of the holdings, from 1881 to the present, available in the Indiana University Bloomington Libraries. For a more in-depth discussion of the Journal officiel, consult Gloria Westfall's French Official Publications.

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Journal officiel, 1869-1880

Laws and Decrees


Parliamentary Working Documents

Administrative Documents

Economic and Social Council

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