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Internet Resources for Congressional Information:

Indiana University's Center on Congress: The central goal of the Center is to improve public understanding of Congress.

Finding Congressional Information at IUB: A guide to printed texts, indices, and electronic databases dealing with Congressional information found at IU libraries. Official website of Congress. Information on Congressional bills, laws, proceedings provided by the Library of Congress, the Congressional Record and information on Members and Congressional Committees. Replaces THOMAS, which will still be available until all datasets are migrated.

Congressional Hearings on Video: Streaming videos of committee meetings of the U.S. House of Representatives as they happen. Videos are archived from January 2012 through the present.

ProQuest Congressional: ProQuest Congressional is a licensed product for IUB students, staff and faculty It provides indexing and some full-text access to various publications of the U.S. Congress. It covers many print indexes produced by Congressional Information Service including Index to the Publications of the U.S. Congress, the U.S. Serial Set Index, Committee Print Index, and the Index to Unpublished Hearings. It provides easy search access to congressional publications and includes some full-text of reports, bills and resolutions, and laws.

GovInfo: The information provided on this site is the official, published version and the information retrieved from GovInfo can be used without restriction, unless specifically noted. This free service is funded by the Federal Depository Library Program and has grown out of Public Law 103-40, known as the Government Printing Office Electronic Information Enhancement Act of 1993. Replaces FDSYS (Federal Digital System) which will still be available until December 2018.

CQ Almanac Online: Provides coverage of congressional legislation from 1945 to today. Provides analysis of legislation through Congress, including how bills are changed, derailed, or passed. Coverage: 1945- present

CQ Congress Collection: A research and reference tool for historical analysis of members of Congress, their voting behavior, and the legislative process. Coverage: 1981-present.

CQ Researcher: Full text discussions of current, controversial public policy issues in a variety of areas. Coverage: 1923- present.

CQ Political Reference Suite: An online reference tool on American politics and world affairs. Coverage: 1945- present.

CQ Voting and Elections Collection: A research and reference tool for voting and elections at the state and federal level, including demographic data, bibliographies, and encyclopedia entries. Coverage: 1800-present; primarily 1968-present.

Basic Legislative Information Guides:

How Our Laws Are Made. Revised and Updated by Charles W. Johnson. June 30, 2003.

Learn about the Legislative Process. From the U.S. House of Representatives.

Legislative Process. From the U.S. Senate.

Congressional Year Conversion Chart

Information about Members:

Official Congressional Directory. Washington: GPO. (ET2 Reference Desk 2nd floor IUB Wells Library: Y4.P 93/1:1 since 1839).

See also Biographical Directory of the United States Congress, 1774-present, Also available in print at the ET2 Reference Desk JK1010 .A5, 2nd floor IUB Wells Library.

Almanac of American Politics: Provides biographical, campaign, and political information about elected officials. Online access is licensed for IUB students, staff and faculty. For print editions see JK1051 .A44 1972 to present, in ET2 Reference, 2nd Floor IUB Wells Library.

Information about Congressional Districts:

Maps and Data from the Census Bureau: Find district maps among other information.

Redistricting Data.
For earlier see Congressional District Atlas. Washington: Census Bureau. IUB ET2 Latest at Reference Desk C3.62/5:. See also our web-site on Apportionment/Reapportionment in Indiana.

Other Information of Interest:

Vital Statistics on Congress by Norman J. Ornstein, Thomas E. Mann, Michael J. Malbin: Statistical analysis of congressional actions/information. Available in print only. Check holdings in IUCat.

See other United States Government Guides.

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