A space dedicated to graduate students, the Grad Commons occupies 2,500 square feet on the eighth floor of Wells Library and was designed as a flexible, multipurpose space in the heart of the stacks to provide graduate students easy access to resources and experts vital to their research.

Conduct & Environment

The primary purpose of the Grad Commons (GC) is to provide an environment for graduate students to be productive and work.  Students using the GC should work quietly, refrain from talking, and avoid disrupting their colleagues.  Please seek alternative spaces for discussion-based group work (Consultation Rooms in the Scholars’ Commons are available for graduate students).

The Grad Commons is self-monitored and anyone disrupting the work of others may be asked by their colleagues to cease activity or leave. Those who wish to file a complaint must do so via e-mail (See Governance).  

Emergency & Personal Safety

Do not leave personal belongings unattended.  Report any threatening behavior to Circulation/Security (812-855-4673). Call 911 for all emergencies.  When the fire alarm is activated occupants must leave the building. During severe weather events, follow directives of library staff.


The GC is for graduate student use and entry requires a valid IU Bloomington graduate student ID. 

Exceptions to access include guest speakers, scheduled event participants, librarians, and staff.  Those using the space must not provide access to unauthorized users. The GC is open for use when the library stacks are open.  The library stacks and the GC close 15 minutes prior to building closing.  


The workstations are first come, first served, and cannot be reserved.  The large display monitor is reserved when events are scheduled. If there is a problem with a computer, printer, or monitor, please e-mail libref@indiana.edu to report the problem and place one of the out of order signs on the machine.


The GPSO Library Committee meets regularly with an IUB Libraries representative during the academic year to review policies, use of the space, review special requests, review and respond to complaints, and address any issues related to the Grad Commons. To contact the GPSO Library Committee about the Grad Commons, e-mail: [gradcom@indiana.edu].


GPSO and other IU sanctioned graduate student groups may request to reserve the GC for an event. Fridays are the only day of the week that events will be scheduled and the schedule will be posted in advance on the bulletin board.  Appropriate events are relevant to the academic life of graduate students, examples of which include organizational meetings, group discussions, lectures, presentations, workshops, and consultation sessions.  Requests should be submitted to the GPSO Library Committee [gradcom@indiana.edu]. Requests should be submitted for consideration a minimum of 14 days in advance.  The individual who submits the request for the event is responsible for setting up the furniture for the event and returning it to its regular configuration.  Those who fail to return the furniture to its normal configuration will lose the privilege of reserving the space.


Group meals and food delivery to the GC are prohibited except for GPSO Library Committee approved events.  Food and drink are permitted but are subject to the policy on disruption (see Conduct & Environment). All GC users must clean up after themselves.  Do not discard food waste in Grad Commons trash receptacles.

Bulletin Boards

The bulletin boards located in the GC are intended to share information of relevance to the academic life of graduate students.  Do not post fliers for sales, housing needs or opportunities, giveaways, coupons, tear tab sheets, or commercial fliers.  Boards are cleared every Tuesday.