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United States

CQ Voting and Elections Collection
This resource produced by Congressional Quarterly is an ideal first-stop for research on trends in US presidential, congressional, and gubernatorial elections.The website allows for easy downloads of data on the full time span of major US elections, but also provides useful analysis of voter behavior, party control, incumbent performance, and other election-related topics.

U.S. Census Bureau
This website provides detailed breakdowns of voting and registration by sex, age, race, state, and other dimensions.Coverage runs from the mid-1960s through the present day, which allows examination of trends over time.

American National Election Study (ANES) Series
Since the 1940s, the Center for Political Studies at the University of Michigan has published a number of statistics-heavy reports based on detailed surveys of voter beliefs and attitudes at the time of major American elections.These surveys document the voting population?s party identification, position on key issues, assessment of national problems, and interest in politics, among other traits.Detailed demographic information allows the depiction of disparities in voter characteristics by race, income, age and other factors.

U.S. Congress
The House's website offers annual PDF files containing full Congressional election results for every state, including vote tallies of third-party candidates.Files are available for 1920 through the present.

Election Data Services
Provides election results posters and equipment studies.

Local Elections in America Project (LEAP)
Provides statistics on local elections from 1970 through the present. However, geographic coverage spotty and not all years are available for all elections.

America at the polls : a handbook of American presidential election statistics.
Compiled by Alice V. McGillivray and Richard M. Scammon.[v. 1] Harding to Eisenhower, 1920-1956 -- [v. 2] Kennedy to Clinton, 1960-1992
These volumes present complete county-by-county presidential election returns, including endnotes that break down third-party vote totals at the state level.A brief section at the back offers results of presidential primaries and caucuses from across the country.

America votes: a handbook of contemporary American election statistics.
Elections Research Center (Governmental Affairs Institute)
1956-2014 IUCat
For every election year, the Election Research Center releases a new ?America Votes? volume containing statistics on presidential, gubernatorial, and congressional elections.After presenting detailed county-level returns for the election being examined, these books offer concise summary tables of results for the past 50 years of elections, for every major office in the country.Each volume also shows results from that year's presidential primaries.

Gubernatorial elections, 1787-1997.
Congressional Quarterly, inc.

Presidential elections, 1789-1992.
Congressional Quarterly, inc.
These two Congressional Quarterly publications serve as a convenient quick reference for state-level primary and general election outcomes since the nation?s founding.In addition to the statistics, the gubernatorial volume offers some brief introductory essays and an alphabetical index of candidate names.The presidential volume contains even more supplementary material, including essay on the electoral college and voter turnout, electoral vote maps, brief candidate biographies, and a comprehensive candidate index.

A statistical history of the American electorate.
Rusk, Jerrold G., 1941-
[Government Information, Maps and Microform Services Reference, JK1967 .R87 2001]
This volume's unique contribution lies in the compilation of state-by-state voter turnout figures back through the earliest American elections.It also presents a series of tables characterizing the competitiveness of the major political parties by state and year, based on factors such as margins of victory.While it also offers election results, these tables are not quite as thorough as those contained in other sources on this list.

United States congressional elections, 1788-1997.
Dubin, Michael J.
[RC Reference, JK524 .D778 2002]
This reference presents results for all House and Senate elections dating back to the country's birth.Although the text formatting makes the statistics somewhat difficult to locate and read, the sheer volume of figures makes this a valuable resource.Lengthy indexes of candidate names and political parties are included.

United States gubernatorial elections, 1776-1860 : the official results by state and county.
Dubin, Michael J.
[RC Stacks, JK2447 .D83 2003]

United States presidential elections, 1788-1860 : the official results by county and state.
Dubin, Michael J.
[RC Reference, JK524 .D778 2002]
These two works are unique in providing county-by-county results for elections prior to the Civil War.The presidential volume also incorporates useful maps depicting electoral district boundaries over time.Both volumes have candidate name indexes at the back.

United States presidential primary elections, 1968-1996 : a handbook of election statistics.
Cook, Rhodes, 1948-
[RC Reference, JK522 .C66 2000]
By focusing on the past 30 years of presidential primaries, this volume can offer greater depth of information on the results of those elections.Unlike other sources that cover the primaries, this book offers returns at the county level.The tables are nicely formatted for readability; supplemental features include maps of primary victories by the candidates.

North America (including Canada and Mexico)

Political Database of the Americas (Georgetown)
This impressive web repository contains election results for most countries in North America, including Canada, Mexico, Central America, and many of the Caribbean islands.Both presidential and legislative branch elections are covered, although time periods of availability vary by country.Data are presented in web tables, which can readily be copied into spreadsheets for analysis.

Canada votes, 1935-1988.
Feigert, Frank B.
[RC Stacks, JL193 .A54 1989]
This multi-layered data source begins with a series of summary tables depicting votes received and seats won by political parties, broken down by province.In the second half of the volume, Feigert presents vote counts and percentages for each party at the riding (district) level, with the ridings grouped by province.


Australian Election Archive
This privately-managed website provides election data for many countries, but its coverage of Australia (the site owner's home country) is particularly comprehensive. Statistics are available on over 100 years of federal executive elections and recent state and territorial elections.


Federal Returning Officer of the Bundestag
This website provides access to complete results of Bundestag (parliamentary) elections dating back to 1949, including information on number of registered voters, turnout, and political party vote totals. Data are available both at the national and Land (state) level, in simple web tables.


Parliamentary election results in Ireland, 1801-1922.
Walker, Brian Mercer.
[RC Stacks, JN1541 .W34]

Parliamentary election results in Ireland, 1918-1992.
Walker, Brian Mercer.
[RC Stacks, JN1541 .P37]
These two volumes collectively present election statistics at the constituency (district) level for roughly 200 years of Irish elections. Results are organized by constituency, but a full name index is included along with maps of the district boundaries.


India Election Commission
India's Election Commission has posted results for both Lok Sabha (House of the People) and Assembly elections on the website above. Coverage generally dates back to the late 1970s, although availability varies by state.


The Knesset has made results from all its elections (dating back to the late 1940s) available on the website above.The simple web tables present number of eligible voters, number of valid votes, and breakdowns of votes and parliamentary seats by political party.Elsewhere on the website, there are more elaborate pages describing the outcomes of the most recent elections and the prime minister selection process.


Japan election data: the House of Representatives, 1947-1990.
Reed, Steven R., 1947-
[RC Stacks, JQ1694 .R44 1992]
This hefty English-language tome contains complete district-level election results for the Japanese House. Data are sorted chronologically within districts to permit the detection of trends over time in a given locale.Perhaps because of the sheer volume of statistics present, the presentation is slightly cumbersome, resembling old computer database printouts.At back is a correspondence between the romanized candidate names and their Japanese-character counterparts.

United Kingdom

The Electoral Commission
Government agency that collects election data.

David Boothroyd’s Election Database
This vast trove of data is generally regarded as the authoritative Internet-based source for British election statistics, even though it is compiled by a private citizen rather than a government agency. The site includes summary results (by party) for elections prior to 1980, but detailed candidate-level district-level results thereafter, including third-party candidates.Data are also available for elections of European parliament representatives.See the books by Craig (listed below) for detailed constituency-level information on elections prior to 1980.

British parliamentary election results.
Craig, Fred W. S.
Volumes available for 1832-1885, 1885-1918, 1918-1949, 1950-1973, 1974-1983, and 1983-1997 (the latter by Colin Rallings).
[RC Stacks, JN 1037 etc.]
These definitive volumes offer comprehensive recaps of British parliamentary elections, providing candidate vote totals at the county and borough level. Results are included for England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, along with indexes to the candidates and political parties.

Other countries

Produced by the non-profit IFES in conjunction with USAID, this website posts results of elections from countries both large and small. It is a good source for obtaining basic statistics from the most recent elections, including referenda and first-round elections in multi-round electoral systems.Data are available for elections back through 1998, with the elections listed in reverse chronological order.

Election Resources on the Internet
This website is a valuable resource for directing users to the most authoritative web-based election data for a host of countries. If your country of interest is not listed above, consult this site for links to its election statistics. Note that many of these websites are written in the native language of the country.

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