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The General Collections Conservation Lab (GCC) is responsible for stabilizing and improving the condition of the research book collections of the Indiana University Libraries, Bloomington. GCC is staffed by the Head of General Collections Conservation and Preservation, two Library Conservation Technicians, and 3-4 part-time student employees. Our Lab is located in purpose-built space in the Ruth Lilly Auxiliary Library Facility, or ALF, our high-density storage for collections.

In General Collections Conservation, worn and damaged materials are repaired, and newly acquired materials are stabilized for the rigors of library use. The General Collections Conservation Lab is also responsible for responding to disasters affecting the collections, monitoring environmental conditions, and performing preservation assessments.

The General Collections Conservation Unit follows a collections conservation approach, which includes:

  • Focusing efforts first on the highest-priority materials
  • Using cost-effective production methods, such as batching, preparing pre-cut supplies, and a standard set of documented treatment protocols
  • Extending the useful life of general collection materials using established treatment procedures
  • Stabilizing older materials using minimally interventive, reversible treatment techniques and protective enclosures

The E. Lingle Craig Preservation Laboratory Treatment Manual provides illustrated, step-by-step instructions for the treatment protocols used in General Collections Conservation for non-rare collections, instructions for constructing many types of enclosures, descriptions and illustrations of the supplies, tools, and equipment we use, a glossary, and appendices with information on selected topics and special projects.

Links to GCC Staff Contact Information

Elise Calvi, Head, General Collections Conservation and Preservation Services
Anitta Salkola-White, Library Conservation Technician
Lara Tokarski, Library Conservation Technician

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