The purpose of the Herbert S. and Virginia White Professional Development Award is continuing education and professional growth. After meeting at the Library of Congress, Herb and Virginia relocated to Bloomington in 1975 where Herb assumed the role of Professor and Director of the Research Center of what was then the Graduate Library School. Herbert White served as dean of the Indiana University School of Library and Information Science (SLIS) from 1980 to 1990. During his tenure SLIS courses expanded to many campuses, and the program became one of the largest in the country. Upon his return to full time teaching and research, he was named a Distinguished Professor. Virginia was his mentor. 

As of 2023-2024 this award is no longer available.

Former Recipients of the White Award.

2023:   Beth South, Assistant Librarian of Access & Technical Services, IU East

2022:    Amy Minix, Neuro- and Health Sciences Librarian

2021:    Frances Yates, Director of the IU East Library

2020:    Kumiko Reichert, East Asian Cataloging and Christina Jones, Professional Instructional Associate, Business/SPEA Commons

2019:    Chelsea Liddell, Binding and Preservation Review Coordinator, E. Lingle Craig Preservation Laboratory

2018:    Courtney Block, Assistant Librarian, Library, IU Southeast, New Albany

2017:    Bronwen Maxson, Humanities Librarian, University Library, Indianapolis

2016:    Michael Courtney, Outreach & Engagement Librarian

2015:    Katie Tyring, Serials Acquisitions, Technical Services Division

2014:    Yan He, Library, Kokomo with Willie Miller, University Library, Indianapolis

2013:    Carla Williams, William & Gayle Cook Music Library

2012:    Sonja Staum-Kuniej, Herron Art Library, Indianapolis

2011:    Michael Courtney, HPER Library

2010:    Rhonda Huisman, University Library, Indianapolis and Miriam Nelson, Anitta Salkola-White, and Nicole Wolfersberger, all of the E. Lingle Craig Preservation Lab

2009:     Debra Denslaw, University Library, Indianapolis and Jacqueline Fessard Johnson, Library – IU Southeast, New Albany

2008:     Jennifer Riley, Digital Library Program, Bloomington and Sonja Staum, Herron Art Library, Indianapolis

2007:     Emily Dill, Library, Columbus with Kristi Palmer, University Library, Indianapolis

2006:     Julie Elliott, Library, South Bend with Monique Threatt, Information Commons Undergraduate Library Services

2005:     John Cash, Cataloging with Gabrielle M. Carr, Library, IU Southeast, New Albany

2004:     Angela Courtney, Subject and Area Librarians Council with Nancy Eckerman, Ruth Lilly Medical Library, Indianapolis 

2003:     Christopher Harter, Lilly Library

2002:     Ellen Bosman, Technical Services, Northwest

2001:     Jian Liu, Reference

2000:     James Canary, Lilly Library with Taemin Park, Cataloging

1999:     Marie Wright, University Library, Indianapolis

1998:     Robert Goehlert, Subject and Area Librarians Council

1997:     Mary Russell Bucknum, Archives of Traditional Music

1996:     Margaret Harter, Kinsey Institute Library

1995:     Jo Burgess, Preservation with Elizabeth Hanson, Life Sciences Library