From Footnotes to Bibliography in Word

Here's a nightmare scenario: finishing up your research paper, thesis, or dissertation with what feels like thousands of footnotes, you belatedly discover that you must add a complete bibliography at the end of the paper too.  What to do?

  1. Jump out the nearest window (not recommended)
  2. Laboriously cut -and-paste from each footnote into the bibliography (will take a looong time)
  3. Use citation software to avoid this whole mess (this option is only available to those who can time travel; there is no easy way to import citations from  Word into citation software. Instead, wise writers start their citation databases before they begin to write the paper.)
  4. Follow Allen Wyatt’s Creating a Bibliography from Footnotes Word Tip and save yourself a world of trouble!

Although Microsoft Word provides no automatic way to generate a complete bibliography from your footnotes, following Wyatt's Word Tips will make the process a whole lot easier and far less prone to error. 

 -- by Nora Wood