Folk Music

Posted by Moira Marsh, Librarian for Anthropology, Comparative Literature, Folklore, Sociology, and Telecommunications

Fascinated by the way music and culture are deeply interconnected? Curious to find out why this occurs and how it varies across nations, times, and places? Take a look at our Folk Music poster on the 7th floor of the Herman B Wells Library for a number of insightful titles that will help you learn more.

IU has a wealth of resources on the subject, from the 3,983 titles in the Music Library, 2,269 in the Folklore Collection, and over 420 titles in the Auxiliary Library Facility (ALF).  The Archives of Traditional Music (ATM) also has a wealth of resources, including commercial sound recordings and field recordings from all over the world. Jump into IUCAT to find your favorites or stop by the poster for a few suggestions!