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Contains digital images of primary source documents from archives around the world.
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This digital resource brings to life the reality of the First World War for the men and women who experienced it firsthand. Containing digital images of primary source documents from archives around the world -- a range of original documents, including diaries, letters, personal narratives, trench journals, scrapbooks, objects, and a number of visual sources, this resource provides a source of information on personal experiences of war. Supplementing the primary sources is a number of secondary resources including interactive maps, 360° panoramas and walk-throughs of the Sanctuary Wood Trench System, the Memory Wall, In Their Own Words feature, scholarly essays, a slideshow gallery, chronology and glossaries. The resource includes a collection of digitally captured objects used during the war period which have been sourced from museums and collections in the Ypres region. Many smaller and medium size objects are presented in 360 degree mode such as helmets, gas masks, hats, shells and grenades.

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