Finding American Speech-Language-Hearing Association Journals

The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) publishes for four highly utilized journals; Language, speech & hearing services in schoolsAmerican journal of audiologyAmerican journal of speech-language pathology, and the Journal of speech, language, and hearing research. If you've visited ASHA's website you might have notice that with the exception of the Journal of speech, language, and hearing research accessed is not provided. IUB Libraries instead subscribe through several different database providers. This post will highlight two alternative ways to search for ASHA content in addition to providing links for individual journal titles.


All four journals are indexed in Medline and available through PubMed. Some of you might be asking, I thought the only link in PubMed for ASHA journals was to their website? That is true if PubMed does not recognize you as an IUB user and that can even happen on campus. There is an easy work around though and that is following this link: This will authenticate you as an IUB user and will and an IU-LINK button to each individual record. Clicking on that will connect you to the Libraries' subscriptions and a full-text PDF.


CINAHL might be a new database to Speech and Hearing Sciences users, but has been the go to database for nursing research for over thirty years. As the full name of the database gives away CINAHL or the Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature is more than just the nursing literature. CINAHL has a robust advanced search functionality geared towards clinical queries. In addition it features a "Special Interest" search function that provides a corpus of over 46,000 items in "Speech-Language Pathology/Audiology." All four ASHA journals are indexed to at least 1997 and can be accessed by title or in broader search results. A direct link is available here:


Each journal is available through several platforms and links are available below. Just click on Bloomington and select an option:

Language, speech & hearing services in schools

American journal of audiology

American journal of speech-language pathology

Journal of speech, language, and hearing research