Can't Find Nature?

Founded in 1869, Nature is a journal publishing peer reviewed research in a large variety of science and technology disciplines. Nature is distinctive among academic journals because of its wide topic range and also because its editorial board is a full-time team employed by the journal. Nature strives to make scientific research readable and tangible to a multidisciplinary community of science lovers and researchers alike. Because of its high quality, Nature is an excellent resource to read and cite as part of your research practice.

black and white woodcut reproduction of a Goat Moth
Etching from Nature's inaugural issue, 1869

Besides the main journal, Nature includes a variety of sub-journals such as Nature Biotechnology. Its online platform Nature Online Journals includes existing journals that Nature has purchased and subsumed into its portfolio such as Scientific American. Although you see these journals in the Nature Online Journals platform, IU Libraries does not necessarily subscribe to all these journals and therefore you might not be able to access the full text of every article you see in Nature Online Journals. If that happens, you can always request specific articles through interlibrary loan.

How do I find it?

To find if IU Libraries has online access to a journal title, most of the time we will direct you to search our full text e-journals on the library website

But because Nature the journal has evolved into a larger platform of related journals, it exists in its own database called Nature Online Journals AND as a standalone journal. So you can get authenticated access to IU’s Nature subscription from the library website three ways:

  1. Access Nature Online Journals from the Databases A-Z list,
  2. View all the ways to access the journal Nature online using our e-journals search, or
  3. IUCAT documents all the online and print methods for accessing Nature by campus.
screenshot of Nature journal in online ejournal listings
Nature in our e-journals search

Searching for Nature from a regular internet search will likely block your ability to get full text access to journal articles in Nature because you won’t be authenticated with IU Login.

screenshot of IUCAT and searching Nature by ISSN in advanced search

Pro Tip

When you’re searching for Nature in IUCAT or our full text e-journals, search the ISSN identification number (1476-4687) in the Advanced Search to make sure your results are exactly the right journal, not a bunch of other results with the word “nature” in it.

Keep up with Nature

To easily access IU’s subscription to Nature content with minimum clicks, we recommend choosing one of two different tools:

  1. Download the LibKey Nomad browser plugin so whenever you’re searching for articles online, Nomad will automatically redirect you to a free or full text version.
  2. Use Bookmarklet to create a bookmark that will always authenticate your access to maximize the full text articles you can read. Read directions for creating a Bookmarklet.
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