At IU Libraries, we have the unique opportunity to recognize outstanding student research and support impactful experiential learning because of the thoughtful philanthropy of IU alumni and supporters. We are grateful to our donors whose generosity includes fellowships, scholarships, and awards that create a collaborative, exploratory environment for students to engage with our collections and build their professional toolkit in the information sciences and related fields. In addition, there are also awards that recognize the achievements of IU Libraries’ faculty and staff as they support the mission of IU Libraries

The IU Libraries’ Development office facilitates the establishment of fellowships, scholarships, and awards, by working with donors who wish to direct their philanthropy to IU Libraries. The IU Libraries Scholarship and Awards Committee, an Administrative Committee under the auspices of the Bloomington Library Faculty Council evaluates proposals and nominations, and then selects and notifies recipients. 

We invite you to explore the world of IU Libraries' awards. Discover the impact giving has on student researchers and employees. 

Student Recognition and Support

The purpose of the Sam Burgess Undergraduate Research Award is to reward excellence in undergraduate research. Given to the student who shows evidence of personal growth and exceptional utilization of library resources, the Burgess Award is an esteemed accolade. Retired librarian Jo Burgess wanted to honor the memory of her son Sam, who was lost tragically too soon. Sam loved to read and explore. This award rewards such curiosity.  

The Burgess Award recognizes exceptional undergraduate research projects by rewarding a student(s) who demonstrates extraordinary skill and creativity in the application of services and collections of IU Libraries. Undergraduate students are nominated by faculty members, or a proxy faculty member such as the Director of the Arts and Humanities Council. Applications and faculty nominations are available on the IU Libraries' website in mid-January and due in mid-March. Watch the Libraries' homepage to know when to apply. The work of previous applicants may be found at ScholarWorks.

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Recipients of the Burgess Award

The Robert A. Oppliger Scholarship is given to an outstanding Libraries' graduate student employee, deserving of recognition and financial award. The head of Scholars’ Commons names one outstanding graduate student employee to receive this award each year. It is Dr. Oppliger’s wish to give scholarship monies to graduate student employees who work in the Wells Library Scholars Commons to support the area of academic services, reference, outreach, and programming.  First preference will be given to students in the Department of Information and Library Sciences. 

Recipients of the Oppliger Award


The Carla Funk Health Information fellowship is a paid, one-semester internship with the IU Science’s Library/Department. The recipient agrees to work 180 hours (approximately 12 hours per week) in the Bloomington Regional Academic Health Center (RHAC). The recipient will complete a project during the semester they have been awarded the fellowship. Junior and Senior level Undergraduates and Graduate Students in IUB Luddy School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering degree programs with current or previous course-work and/or projects focused in health-related fields are encouraged to apply. The successful applicant will be taking a minimum of 6 credit hours. The Fellowship is advertised fall semester for spring semester.

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Funk Fellowship Awardees

This fellowship is a paid, one-semester internship with the IU Libraries' Reference Services Department. The recipient agrees to work 180 hours -- or 12 hours a week. They split their work time to the reference desk and a public services or research services project. Typically, applications are taken in the fall for spring semester. 


This fellowship is dedicated to E. Craig Lingle, who worked in the IU Libraries from 1926 to 1973. He is best known for being the Head of Reference Services.



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Recipients of the Craig Fellowship

The Jay Information Literacy Fellowship is a paid fellowship with the IU Bloomington Libraries' Department of Teaching & Learning. This fellowship is for one graduate student who has an interest in public services and/or instruction librarianship, with a specific focus on information literacy in the contexts of teaching, learning, and pedagogy (in-person and online). The fellowship is for one year with the potential for extension for a maximum of two years. Incoming ILS students are encouraged to apply. This scholarship is made possible from a gift by mother and daughter donors, Hilda and Ellen Jay, who wish to further the teaching of information literacy.

Applications and interviews are done in the spring for the following year.

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Recipients of the Jay Information Literacy Felllowship

The IU Libraries Moving Image Archive (IULMIA) offers the Jorgensen IULMIA Fellowship to graduate students who are interested in pursuing a career in film and media preservation and archiving. The fellowship is for one year with the potential for extension for a maximum of two years. Students are encouraged to apply. This scholarship is made possible from a gift by the Jorgensen Family Foundation. Jane Jorgensen seeks to further the work of IULMIA by giving students experience in preserving, digitizing, and curating film and media. 

The fellowship recipient agrees to work 180 hours (approximately 12 hours/week) each semester in the Moving Image Archive, Wells Library, processing collections, preparing materials for digitization, inventorying collections, and creating finding aids. Along with those duties, the recipient must complete one project to further the work of IULMIA. Deadline is in spring for the next academic year.

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Jorgensen Fellowship Awardees

IU Libraries' Staff Awards Funded by Donors

This honors a full-time librarian or staff member in the research collections for exemplary service “beyond the call of duty.”  Dr. Ruth Engs, Professor Emerita at the Indiana University School of Public Health, graciously funded the Angel Award to reward those IU Libraries' staff who support the work of faculty and instructors. The Angel Award has become an honor the IU Libraries looks forward to each spring.

Candidates are nominated by faculty or graduate students early in the spring semester. A winner is chosen and announced in late April. If you have questions, contact

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Recipients of the Engs Library Angel Award

This award is named after the esteemed William Evans Jenkins, the chief librarian of Indiana University from 1904 –1921.  The Jenkins award may be presented annually to a current or former librarian(s) on the Bloomington campus, in recognition of their outstanding contributions to the Indiana University Libraries or to the library profession in general.  While eligibility for the award is limited to former and current Bloomington campus librarians, nominations may be made by any member of the Indiana University community.  Outstanding Bloomington Library Faculty colleagues deserve recognition and appreciation.  Nominations for this award may be submitted individually or jointly.  Nominations are gathered at the beginning of the spring semester with the award being given in late April/May.

Nominate a IUL Colleague for the Jenkins Award

Recipients of the William Evans Jenkins Award

Intended to support the professional development of full-time employees of the IU Libraries, system-wide, including regional campuses, by reimbursing the costs of the professional development undertaken by the chosen applicant, this helps further library learning. The employee must have an ALA-accredited MLS degree or equivalent work experience. Submitted proposals must contribute to and emphasize the growth of the individual in the library profession.  

Herbert White served as dean of the Indiana University School of Library and Information Science (SLIS) from 1980 to 1990. He gave his gift in hopes of widening professional development opportunities within the IU Libraries system.

Applications for the White Award are due in mid-to-late March. Announcements of recipients are in April/May. The award monies may be divided. 

Application for the White Professional Development Award

Recipients of the White Award

The Lofton Family Student Employee Excellence Scholarship was created by a collective donation and endowment from family and friends seeking to honor the Tom and Betty Lofton Family. 

Lofton Family Scholars are selected by the librarians, staff and leadership of the Lilly Library through a nominations process.  Recipients must be student employees of the Lilly Library.

The 2022-2023 Lofton Family Scholars are announced.

For the many friends of IU Libraries, it is the pervasive impact of libraries that inspire giving. Whether supporting new collection acquisition, Lilly Library rare book conservation, student scholarships, library places of connection, or endowed librarian positions, supporters recognize the powerful, intentional way libraries reach all students and scholars.

~From the 2016-2018 Annual Report