Features of Omeka 2: Using the Exhibit Builder Plugin

February 11th 2015 @ 12:00pm
Wells Library E159: Hazelbaker Lecture Hall

William G. Cowan, Head, Software Development
Library Technologies


One of the key plugins used for building and curating Omeka sites is the Exhibit Builder Plugin. Many Omeka websites, like the Lilly Library’s War of 1812 and IULMIA (Indiana University Library Moving Image Archive) depend on Exhibit Builder as the main building block of the site. Over the course of the last several releases of Omeka, the Exhibit Builder Plugin has undergone extensive changes. This session will start with a general overview of Omeka but will quickly focus on the most recent Exhibit Builder Plugin and discuss how the latest release of Exhibit Builder requires a different approach to building Omeka exhibits than previous releases.

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