from "Cultural Interaction in New Mexico as Illustrated in the la Danza de Matachines." by Brenda M. Romero, pg. 205-238
In The Music of Multicultural America

Edited by Kip Lornell and Anne K. Rasmussen


January 1, 1993, Pueblo of Jemez, New Mexico. Featuring Brenda M. Romero on violin and Daniel Culacke on guitar.

This is the fastest of the eight song sequences that comprise the Matachina repertoir at the Pueblo of Jemez. The accompanying vigorous dance is a true test of the Monarcha's physical stamina and agility. During this dance the dancers rise in turn from a knelling position to dance along with the Monarcha. Performances at the Infant's House take place only on January 1, and are always accompanied by humorous burlesques of the Matachina, danced by young and old women together. Recorded by Brenda Romero at the Infant's House.