Fashion Week 2018 Resources

January 31st 2018
Image of a pile of Harper's Bazaar magazines

Fashion Week in New York City is February 8th through 16th, 2018, and some of the top news outlets will be covering the shows and trends. IU Libraries has background research sources to help you keep up with the fashion world.  Starting with Harper’s Bazaar 150 Years: The Greatest Moments, you can trace the fashions from Victorian-era styles with woodcut illustrations on the magazine’s covers, to the World War II years featuring starlets in sensible, patriotic ensembles, all the way to the 2016 feature of Cindy Sherman’s digital foray into street-style celebrity. 

One of Bazaar’s competitors, Vogue magazine, provides an interesting opportunity to analyze the history of fashion and social change throughout the 20th century.  Doing a search in the Vogue Archive online reveals a major uptick of the number of times that pants were mentioned in the latter half of the century.  Before 1969, the now-common pieces of clothing were not considered high fashion items for women.  Vogue Archive online includes high-quality scans of every issue of the magazine since it started publishing, allowing us to investigate the acceptance of different styles through the decades.    

The Associated Press captures the glamour of contemporary celebrities as they model top designers at Fashion Week.  A search of the AP Images databases reveals Scarlett Johansson, Naomi Campbell, and Imam at 2017’s New York Fashion Week.  For a more historic reflection, the ARTstor image database has over 30,000 photos of fashion, costume, and jewelry items, including a subset of fashion illustration drawings from historic designers throughout the years.

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