IU Family Weekend at Wylie House Museum

A class meets on the front lawn of the Wylie House Museum. Students and instructor are standing on the lawn.
An Interpretation & Tour Guiding class from the Health and Wellness Design department studies at Wylie House.
An ornate porcelain IU cup and saucer rest on a table.
This china teacup is one of the earliest known depictions of the IU trident, painted by a Wylie daughter circa 1900.
Exterior view of the Wylie House.
Wylie House Museum, the view from 2nd St.
Two college-aged women standing on porch of brick home holding croquet mallets/
Student employees work hard but have (croquet) fun too!
The front door and hallway of the Wylie House Museum, as seen from inside, with sunlight streaming in.
The interior front hall of the museum welcomes visitors into the home of IU's first president, Andrew Wylie.