The Indiana University Archives has a robust collection of faculty papers. Listed here are links to finding aids for select processed faculty papers in the Archives, with a focus on some of our earliest collections, oft-used collections, or collections from underrepresented voices. The Archives continues to actively collect papers from IU faculty to enhance the understanding of the university's historical record.  To search for more faculty papers, please visit Archives Online


Alma Eikerman papers, 1915-1995, bulk 1947-1990

Alma Eikerman (1908-1995) was a metalsmith and professor Indiana University (1947-1978), where she developed the Department of Fine Arts metals program. This collection spans most of her lifetime, providing documentation of her artwork, teaching career, travels, family, friends, and students. (17 boxes)

Eugene Chen Eoyang papers, 1943-2002, bulk 1970-1996

Eugene Chen Eoyang is Professor Emeritus of Comparative Literature and of East Asian Languages and Cultures and was a member of the Indiana University faculty from 1966-2002. The collection consists of papers from his time teaching at Indiana University, as well as papers of his own areas of research and professional projects. (24 boxes)

Peter A. Fraenkel papers, 1940-1983, bulk 1959-1976

Peter Fraenkel began his career with Indiana University in 1943 as an undergraduate student majoring in physics and mathematics, graduating in 1946. He later worked in the offices of President Herman B Wells from 1948 to 1962 and President John W. Ryan from 1974 to 1985. Beginning in 1985, he served as Director of Overseas Projects Development for the Office of International Programs until his retirement in 1988. This collection contains correspondence and administrative files from Fraenkel's positions with Indiana University and the Ford Foundation, materials relating to his overseas travel and involvement with professional associations, program files for Ford Foundation grants in Spain, and speeches written or delivered by Fraenkel. (17 boxes)

Susan Gubar papers, 1975-2011

The groundbreaking feminist scholar and literary critic, Susan Gubar, began teaching at Indiana University in 1973 and retired as Distinguished Professor Emerita of English in 2010. This collection contains teaching and research material; material related to professional activities such as conferences, workshops, and committees; an extensive collection of news clippings with reviews and interviews; Gubar’s publications and information related to the development of those publications, and both personal and professional correspondence. (6 boxes)

Cecilia Hennel Hendricks family papers, 1843-1971, bulk 1896-1970

This collection consists of the family papers of Indiana University professor Cecilia Hennel Hendricks spanning the period from 1839 through 1970. Included are papers relating to the academic careers of Cecilia, Associate Professor of English, and her sister Cora, Professor of Mathematics at Indiana University, as well as manuscripts and writings by both women. Also found in the collection are papers and correspondence of family members: father Joseph B. Hennel, mother Anna M. Thuman Hennel, Cecilia's husband John Hendricks, and sister Edith Hennel Ellis. (20 boxes)

Daniel Kirkwood papers, 1864-1895

Daniel Kirkwood was an astronomer and professor of mathematics at Indiana University almost continuously from 1856 until 1886. Collection consists of papers of Daniel Kirkwood in two series: Correspondence and Publications. Correspondence, 1864-1895, consists of both incoming and outgoing correspondence. Some noted correspondents are Cyrus Nutt, president of Indiana University 1860-1875, Joseph Swain, IU president, 1893-1902, astronomer Sherburne W. Burnham, and Arthur C. Mellette, governor of the Dakota Territory from 1861-1889. The Publications series, 1864-1891, consists of articles written by Kirkwood. Several of the publications are photocopies of the originals. (1 box)

George List papers, 1894-2008, bulk 1958-1990

This collection consists of the papers of George List (1911-2008), Professor of Folklore, Director of the Inter-American Program in Ethnomusicology (1966-1976), and Director of the Archives of Traditional Music (1954-1976) at Indiana University. His primary research interests included folk music, the traditional music of the Hopi tribes of Northern Arizona, and the music of indigenous tribes in the Caribbean regions of Colombia and the Andes and Amazon regions of Ecuador. This collection includes personal and professional correspondence, publications, research, subject files, audiovisual content, and many of his musical compositions. (18 boxes)

James H. Madison papers, 1901-2011, bulk 1982-1998

James Madison is the Thomas and Kathryn Miller Professor Emeritus of History at Indiana University. He graduated from Indiana University and has spent nearly his entire career teaching at IU. The collection largely consists of materials relating to his written works and extensive service activities both at IU and within the state. Of particular interest are the notes and drafts for his books Eli Lilly: A Life, 1885-1977 (1989), Indiana Through Tradition and Change (1982) , and The Indiana Way: A State History (1986). The collection also contains correspondence, class syllabi, various committee materials, and materials related to his activities within the History Department. (19 boxes)

Martha M. McCarthy papers, 1976-2014

Martha M. McCarthy is the Chancellor’s Professor Emerita of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies at Indiana University. McCarthy’s research focuses primarily on Education Law. Collection includes publications, drafts, teaching materials, grant proposals, and project reports. Also included are materials relating to McCarthy’s involvement in professional organizations, conferences, and research data. (7 boxes)

Sarah Parke Morrison papers, 1855-1913

Sarah Parke Morrison became the first woman admitted to Indiana University in 1867. Collection consists of personal papers of Sarah Parke Morrison in three series: Correspondence, 1897-1913, consisting primarily of outgoing correspondence. Frequent correspondents include former Indiana University President William Lowe Bryan and Registrar John W. Cravens. The correspondence all dates from the years after she left IU and much of it discusses her desire that women become members of the various University boards. Schedules, 1855-1856, consists of a single schedule of a typical day for Morrison at the Western Female College; and Writings, 1911-1912, includes a handwritten account of Morrison's entrance and experience as the first female student at IU and a small pamphlet of Morrison's poetry published in 1912. (1 box)

Charlie Nelms papers, 1967-2016, bulk 1988-2013

Charlie Nelms (b. 1946) served in executive leadership roles for the Indiana University system for a total of twenty-four years between 1978 and 2007. This collection spans Nelms’ personal life and professional career in university administration at IU and other institutions. The collection includes writings, correspondence, publications and reports, and ephemera. (8 boxes)

Harold E. Pepinsky papers, 1956-2009, bulk 1980-1998

Harold Pepinsky was Professor of Criminal Justice and Professor of East Asian Languages and Cultures at Indiana University from 1976-2008. His writings focus on how the criminal justice system can be the cause or cure for crime and research interests include peacemaking criminology, restorative justice, violence against children, and ritual abuse. The collection consists of materials relating to his position at IU and professional interests, including correspondence, case files, publications, teaching files, awards and collected materials. (21 boxes)

Henry H. H. Remak papers, 1914-2010, bulk 1965-1998

Henry H. H. Remak was hired at Indiana University-Bloomington as a full-time professor for the Department of German in 1948. He also taught for the Department of Comparative Literature, West European Studies and the Honors Division. Additionally, Remak chaired the Department of German in 1962, the Department of Comparative Literature intermittently between 1954 and 1963, as well as West European Studies from 1966-1969. He was also Vice Chancellor and Dean of the Faculties from 1969-1974 and Director of the Institute for Advanced Study from 1988-1994 and 1997-1998. This collection consists of papers related to Remak's teaching, administrative positions, university and disciplinary service, and academic scholarship. (73 boxes)

Claire Robertson papers, 1964-2012

Claire Robertson is an Emeritus Professor of Women's Studies and History at Ohio State University and has been a visiting scholar, lecturer, and adjunct professor at Indiana University, Bloomington at various times since 1978. This collection consists of a portion of Robertson’s teaching materials, research, and writings on the history and culture of women in Africa, as well as records related to her career and professional activities at Indiana University.

Thomas Sebeok papers, 1940-2001 and undated

Thomas Sebeok (1920-2001) was an internationally renowned semiotician who taught at Indiana University from 1943 to 2001. This collection documents Sebeok’s career at Indiana University and contains correspondence, subject files, publications, research and grant materials, and departmental and committee records. (89 boxes)

Ronald Richard Smith, 1973-1996, bulk 1978-1985

Ronald Richard Smith was a member of the Folklore faculty at Indiana University from 1978-1997. His research centered around traditional music, festivals, movement and dance, and religion within the African Diaspora, with a focus on Caribbean peoples. In addition to his teaching responsibilities at IU, Smith also served as associate dean of the Office of Research and University Graduate School from 1988-1996, headed the IU Ethnomusicology Program, and spent one year as director of the Archives of Traditional Music. This collection consists of Smith’s papers and lectures, dissertations of some of his students, correspondence, committee files, and some classroom materials. Prominent in the papers are Smith's files on the Folklore Institute and department, such as teaching files, meeting minutes, and curriculum reviews. (2 boxes)

Theodore Torrey papers, 1945-1986

Theodore W. Torrey, 1907-1986, was a Professor in the Zoology Department at Indiana University from 1932 until his retirement in 1972. The Theodore W. Torrey papers, comprising .4 cubic feet and spanning 1945 to 1986, consists largely unpublished manuscripts, most likely prepared for talks given at the Sunday Evening Discussion Group. Also included are several speeches, two copies of one of his publications and 2 personal items. (1 box)

Toyoaki Uehara papers, 1945-1990

Toyoaki Uehara (1924-1997) was a professor in the Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures at Indiana University Bloomington from 1963-1990. This collection documents Uehara’s scholarly career and personal life, including his participation on university and departmental committees, research and publications related to Japanese language, literature, and mythology; development of international exchange programs; and his involvement in the Tenrikyo movement. Types of material include departmental documents, minutes and memos, program enrollment figures, research and grant proposals, and business correspondence. Also included are copies of Uehara's dissertation, publications and research materials, lectures, bibliographies, extensive personal correspondence, and paper and audiovisual Japanese language study and instruction materials. (16 boxes)

Martha Vicinus papers, 1969-1980

Martha Jeannette Vicinus was a faculty member of the Indiana University English Department from 1968-1982. Her papers comprise 1 cubic foot and span the period of 1971-1980. Consists largely of newsletters, flyers, pamphlets, minutes, form letters, mass mailings, interdepartmental memos, and a small amount of personal correspondence relating to the activities of American Federation of Teachers Bloomington local, women's movement in Bloomington, the creation of Women's Studies program at Indiana University, and the Modern Language Association Radical Caucus. Items are arranged chronologically within each series. (1 box)

York W. Willbern papers, 1939-1994, bulk 1945-1988

York Willbern began his career at Indiana University in 1957 when he was named Professor of Government and director of the Bureau of Government Research. He was one of the founders of the School of Public and Environmental Affairs (SPEA) at Indiana University, and was an accomplished scholar and author of many books and articles on the subjects of cities, public policy-making, urban planning and education for governmental administrative careers. This collection includes correspondence, writings, teaching files, project files, and records on a variety of subjects related to York Willbern's career and interests, including papers related to his book The Withering Away of the City, files on the American Political Science Association, and university committees such as the Urban Studies Committee. (10 boxes)

Camilla Williams papers, 1947-2010, bulk 1978-1996

Camilla Williams was an internationally acclaimed soprano opera vocalist who broke racial bias barriers in society as well as professionally. Miss Williams came to Indiana University in 1977 as a professor of voice at the Jacobs School of Music. The collection contains performance posters, correspondence, clippings about her career and former student’s accomplishments, photographs, awards, plaques, and scrapbooks. (2 boxes)