Electronic Resource Trials

  • Sourcing Journal


    Sourcing Journal is a trade publication for apparel and textile executives focused on sourcing and manufacturing.  Contains continuous updates on global market conditions, breaking news stories, top-tier investigative journalism and industry white papers.

    Feedback should be directed to Kristina Keogh (kmkeogh@indiana.edu) by September 15, 2015



  • ProQuest Newsstand

              Trial Period:  7/1/2015-9/15/2015


              ProQuest Newsstand has the very best access to current, full-text newspapers with longer backfile and/or more timely 

              access to the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times as well as over

              85 Gannett regional and local titles. 

              Feedback should be directed to Moira Marsh (molsmith@indiana.edu) by September 15, 2015


  • eMarketer

Trial Period:  3/16/2015-9/16/2015


eMarketer covers digital marketing, media and commerce, offering insights to navigating the changing, competitive and complex digital environment. By collecting data from thousands of sources and putting it into context, eMarketer provides the world’s top brands, agencies and media companies.

Feedback should be directed to Christina Sheley (cmwilkin@indiana.edu) by September 16, 2015


  • Treatise on Geomorphology

Trial Period:  8/10/2015-9/8/2015


Treatise on Geomorphology, presents the latest of the many ideas and directions of the multidisciplinary field of geomorphology. The 14 volumes were put together with the view that new students needed a reference tool to look up terminology and find surveys of the various types of geomorphology.

Feedback should be directed to Jian Liu (jiliu@indiana.edu) by September 8, 2015


  •  Treatise on Geochemistry (Second Edition)

              Trial Period:  8/10/2015-9/8/2015       


               Treatise on Geochemistry, 15 volumes, contain the history of the

atmosphere, geochemistry of mineral deposits, archaeology and anthropology, organic 

geochemistry, and analytical geochemistry.

Feedback should be directed to Jian Liu (jiliu@indiana.edu) by September 8, 2015