A) Selected Music Journals on the WWW

Title: Coverage: Access: Comments:
ASCAP PlayBack Magazine   http://www.ascap.com:80/playback/  
Billboard   http://www.billboard.com  
British Postgraduate Musicology March 2001 to present http://www.bpmonline.org.uk/  
Bulletin of Italian Ethnomusicology Sept. 1994 to Dec. 1995
Transformed into Music & Anthropology
ClassicsToday.com   http://www.classicstoday.com/  
Critical Musicology Journal 1997-1998
ISSN: 1468-6066<
http://www.leeds.ac.uk/music/Info/critmus/ (Refereed Journal)
Czech and Slovak Music Society Newsletter 1997-2001 http://www.music.ucsb.edu/projects/csms/csmsnews.html  
De Musica: Annuario 1997 to present http://users.unimi.it/~gpiana/demus.htm  
Echo: Music-centered Journal Fall 1999 to present http://www.echo.ucla.edu/  
Electronic Musicological Review (Brazil) 09/96 to 2002
ISSN 1415-9538

Live Design Magazine

(formerly Entertainment Design)

1999 to present http://livedesignonline.com  
Ethnomusicology Online 1995 to present
ISSN 1092-7336
http://iucat.iu.edu/catalog/14335166 (Peer Reviewed)
Fanfare: The Newsletter of the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music Fall 2003 to present http://blogs.music.indiana.edu/fanfare/  
Filomusica Feb. 2000 to present http://www.filomusica.com/  
La Folia March 1998 to present http://www.lafolia.com/  
Gramophone   http://www.gramophone.co.uk/  
Guitar and Lute Issues 09/96 to present
International Double Reed Society 1973 to present http://idrs.org/publications/  
Journal of Seventeenth-Century Music 1995 to present http://www.sscm-jscm.org/Welcome.html (Peer Reviewed)
Music & Anthropology
(formerly Bulletin of Italian Ethnomusicology)
1996 to present http://iucat.iu.edu/catalog/13588287  
Music Education Resource Base   http://music.educationforlifeguide.com/links/music_education_resource_base_page_1.php  
Music Theory Online 1993 to present http://societymusictheory.org/mto/ (Peer Reviewed)
Online Trombone Journal 1996 to present
ISSN: 1093-0485
Polish Music Journal 1998 to present
ISSN 1521-6039
http://www.usc.edu/dept/polish_music/PMJ/ (Peer Reviewed)
Senza Sordino: Official Publication of the International Conference of Symphony and Opera Musicians Vol 32 No 1/October 1993, to present http://www.icsom.org/senza/  
Transcultural Music Review
(Revista Transcultural de Musica)
1995 to present http://www.sibetrans.com/trans/  


 B. Selected Online Newspapers

Title: Access:
The Chicago Tribune http://www.chicagotribune.com/
The Herald-Times http://www.hoosiertimes.com/
The Indiana Daily Student http://www.idsnews.com/
The Indianapolis Star http://www.indystar.com/
The Los Angeles Times http://www.latimes.com/
The New York Times http://www.nytimes.com/
The Ryder Magazine
Bloomington's leading arts, entertainment,
& popular culture magazine
USA Today http://www.usatoday.com/
The Washington Post http://www.washingtonpost.com/

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