Electronic Journals in Anthropology

Select List of Electronic Journals in Anthropology

Below is a listing of several electronic journals for anthropology. For additional titles and up-to-date information, consult IUCAT



African Studies (Johannesburg) (0002-0184)

African Studies Review (0002-0206)
American Anthropologist (0002-7294)
American Antiquity
American Ethnologist (0094-0496)
American Indian Culture and Research Journal (0161-6463)
American Journal of Physical Anthropology (1096-8644)
American Journal of Primatology (0275-2565)
Annual Review of Anthropology (0084-6570)
Anthropological Forum (0066-4677)
Anthropological Quarterly (0003-5491)
Anthropological Review (1368-0382)
Anthropologischer Anzeiger (0003-5548)
Anthropology & Archeology of Eurasia (1061-1959)
Anthropology & Education Quarterly (0161-7761)
Anthropology & Medicine (1469-2910)
Anthropology Southern Africa
Anthropology Today (0268-540X)
Archaeology of Eastern North America
Archaeometry  (0003-813X)
Arctic Anthropology (0066-6939)
Australian Journal of Anthropology (1035-8811)


Boletin de Antropologia Americana (0252-841X)

 Cambridge Anthropology (0305-7674)
Canadian Review of Sociology and Anthropology (0008-4948)
Char-Koosta (0528-8592)
Chinese Sociology and Anthropology (0009-4625)
Collaborative Anthropologies (1943-2550)
Communal/Plural (1320-7873)
Critique of Anthropology (0308-275X)
Cultural Anthropology (0886-7356)
Cultural Critique (0882-4371)
Culture & Psychology (1354-067X)
Current Anthropology (0011-3204)
Dialectical Anthropology (0304-4092)
Ethnography (0014-1828)
Ethnohistory  (0014-1801)
Ethnology (0014-1828)
Ethnomusicology (0014-1836)
Ethnos (0014-1844)
Evolutionary Anthropology (1520-6505)
Expedition (0014-4738)


Faces (Peterborough, N.H.) (0749-1387)

Food & Foodways (0740-9710)
Genders (Austin, Tex.) (0894-9832)
Geografiska annaler. Series B, Human Geography (0435-3684)
Historical Biology (0891-2963)
History & Anthropology (0275-7206)
Human Organization (0018-7259)
Inutitut (0020-9872)
International Journal of Osteoarchaeology (1047-482X)


Journal of African History (0021-8537)

Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development (2152-0801)
Journal of Anthropological Archaeology (1090-2686)
Journal of Anthropological Society of London (1356-0131)
Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory (1072-5369)
Journal of Biosocial Science (0021-9320)
Journal of Contemporary Ethnography (0891-2416)
Journal of Cultural Geography (0887-3631)
Journal of the Ethnological Society of London (1368-0358)
Journal of Material Culture (1359-1835)
Journal of Memetics: Evolutionary Models of Information Transmission (1366-4786)
Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute (1359-0987)
Journal of the Royal Musical Association (0269-0403)
Journal of World Prehistory (0892-7537)


Mankind Quarterly (0025-2344)

Mathematical Anthropology and Cultural Theory (1544-5879)
Medical Anthropology Quarterly (0745-5194)
Mental Health, Religion & Culture (1367-4676)
Midcontinental Journal of Archaeology: MCJA
Nepantla (1529-1650)
New Hibernia Review (1534-5815)
Nomadic Peoples (0822-7942)
Oceania (0029-8077)
Open Anthropology: A Public Journal of the American Anthropological Association
The Open Anthropology Journal (1874-9127)
Proceedings of the Prehistoric Society
Proceedings of the Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland (0080-4169)
Qualitative Inquiry (1077-8004)


Reviews in Anthropology (0093-8157)

Revista Antropologica
Sign Language Studies (0302-1475)
Social Anthropology: The Journal of the European Association of Social Anthropologists = Anthropologie Sociale (0964-0282)
Society for the Study of the Indigenous Languages of the Americas- Bulletin
Society for the Study of the Indigenous Languages of the Americas- Newsletter
SOJOURN (Singapore) (0217-9520)
Southeastern Archaeology
Structure and Dynamics (1554-3374)
Suid-Afrikaanse Tydskrif vir Etnologie = South African Journal of Ethnology (0379-8860)
Transactions of the Ethnological Society of London (1368-0366)
Wicazo sa Review (0749-6427)
World Archaeology (0043-8243)

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