Eileen “Bunty” Brennan, née Noble (1906-1980) was a Canadian figure skater and figure skating coach from Vancouver BC, Canada. She was a silver medallist at the International Skating Union at the age of 14 and was champion of the Glencoe Club and Alberta Provincial Champion through much of the 1930s. Noble was a featured skater at carnivals throughout western Canada and the northwestern USA. In the late 1930s she was an instructor at the Niagara Falls skating club.

Eileen was a Canadian native but after she married she moved to Rhode Island with her husband James E. Brennan. The Brennan’s traveled extensively, both in North America and Europe and Eileen's home movies contain everything from train rides, to national park tours, to even signs of rubble in Great Britain shortly after WWII. Because of Eileen’s figure skating background, much of the travel seems to coincide with Winter Olympics venues.