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Collection of India Office Records from the British Library, London. Includes royal charters, correspondence, trading diaries, minutes of council meetings and reports of expeditions, among other document types. Charts the history of British trade and rule in the Indian subcontinent and beyond from 1600 to 1947.
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Highlights of Module 1 include:

The East India Company’s foundational documents, including a contemporary transcript of the original letters patent granted by Elizabeth I (1600) and subsequent renewals by James I (1609) and William and Mary (1693)
Early commissions to ships’ captains to command voyages to the East (IOR/A/1/6 and IOR/A/1/7)
Papers detailing early expeditions to India, the Spice Islands (Indonesia) and Japan.
The details of the award of the English and Dutch commissioners under the Treaty of Westminster (1654)
The grant of Bombay to the East India Company (1668)
Letters of marque to East India Company ships to seize pirates (1732-7)
Papers pertaining to the impeachment of Warren Hastings (1775-95)
Documents relating to Earl Macartney’s embassy to China (1793)
The grant to the East India Company of plunder taken in the war with Tipu Sultan (1793)
An address to Queen Victoria from Indians in London, assuring her of the allegiance of her Indian subjects and deploring the events of the Mutiny (1857)
A defence agreement between the British government and the government of Burma (1947)

Coverage: 1600-1947

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