When E. Lingle Craig passed away in 2001, Beverly Bly, who was the Executive Director of the IU Libraries at the time, penned his memorial for the staff newsletter. Like all stories written about the man who spent 49 years serving Indiana University Libraries, Bloomington, she spoke of his quiet nature and dedication to his work in Reference, where he was the Head Reference librarian from 1939 to 1970. With his passing, she noted, he left a gift to the Libraries to be divided into an “internship” and preservation. Lastly, she added, “He was a remarkable man who loved his work and the Library and Indiana University with all his being."

E. Lingle Craig would be pleased to know his “internship” is a fellowship that offers Information and Library Science students experiential learning. On top of working a reference desk, each Fellow proposes and follows through on a public service project that enhances IUL services. The following graduate students are recipients of this honor:

2023-2024     Jason Steptoe

2022-2023    Madison Cissell

2021-2022    Thi Lettner and James Henry Smith

2021-2020    Mariah Isbell

2019-2020    None

2018-2019     Kate Duneman

2017-2018     Amanda Homce

2016-2017     Tessa Withorn

2015-2016     Kaitlin Bonifant

2014-2015     Faith Bradham

2013-2014     Matt Standmark

2012-2013      Li Min Hang

2011-2012      Elizabeth Scott

2009-2010     Devin Becker

2007-2008    Jessica Adamick

2003-2004    Jennifer Burton (Hanson)