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Digital Collections Services provides two levels of digitization services: full-service digital archiving reserved for internal projects led by the IU Libraries and self-service digitization lab open to all members of the IU community as part of the Scholars’ Commons.

Digitization Consultation and Production Services

Our internal production lab is dedicated to the digitization of materials from IU Libraries’ special collections, affiliated archives, and cultural heritage organizations on the IU Bloomington campus. We also offer advice on appropriate hardware, software, and procedures for digital conversion and for management and migration of born-digital objects. As part of our assessment of candidates for digitization we advise on appropriate procedures for material handling and provide preservation recommendations for the physical items.

Scholars' Commons Digitization Lab

The Scholars' Commons Digitization Lab is a high-end multimedia, multidisciplinary self-service lab dedicated to the digital conversion of materials, and the management and migration of born-digital objects in support of research needs and interests of Indiana University Bloomington's faculty and graduate students.








The lab is comprised of two adjoining spaces: the unrestricted Digitization Lab and the restricted Secure Digital Analysis room.

Unrestricted Lab

The unrestricted Lab provides both large format high-speed flat bed and sheet fed scanners for text documents and large format flat beds with transparency capability for photographs, slides, and negatives. It also includes ABBYY Fine Reader, a high-end OCR software. Along with the flatbed scanners and ABBYY Fine Reader there are machines capable of reading MiniDVs, video cassettes, DVDs, audio cassette tapes, and CDs.

Restricted Lab aka Secure A/V Room

The restricted Secure A/V room is primarily for the digitization and analysis of audio and video. A large-format copy stand with lights is also available; patrons must provide their own camera or capture device to use the stand. This room also includes machines for reading MiniDVs, video cassettes, DVDs, CDs, a Blu-ray duplicator, and a multi-card reader.

Equipment, Hours and Policy

Consult the instructions on how to use the equipment and software located in the labs.

The Scholars' Commons Digitization Lab is a self-service, walk-in service point. The Audio/Visual space that is part of the lab is open only when trained technicians are on duty due to the specialized nature of the equipment. Consult the Lab's hours of availability.

Trained technicians are not scheduled to work during university breaks and holidays.

The lab may be periodically closed to the public for teaching and training purposes. The schedule will reflect these temporary closings 3 business days before the scheduled teaching/training session.

If you are interested in reserving the lab for training or teaching, please contact Kara Alexander, Digital Media Specialist or Michelle Dalmau, Head of Digital Collections Services.

If you think the IU Libraries would be interested in partnering with your digitization project, or if you are interested in learning more about our digitization services, please contact Kara Alexander, Digital Media Specialist, Digital Collections Services.

Consult the Scholars' Commons Digitization Lab Policy for more information.