IU Libraries partners with ORCID – a nonprofit organization that provides an open, transparent solution for researcher identity management. IU faculty, staff, and students can use ORCID to create an ORCID iD – a 16-digit number that uniquely identifies a researcher. This iD is then linked to an individual’s research output. With the help of ORCID iDs, IU faculty and staff can more easily receive credit and recognition for their work, reduce time spent on reporting and administrative requirements, and continually and automatically update their dossiers by incorporating services such as CrossRef and DataCite

An ORCID iD helps you:

  • Easily and reliably link your individual identity with your contributions
  • Maintain all of your key information in one place
  • Link with other identifier systems
  • Exchange data freely research information systems, and 
  • Much more

Registration is free and fast for IU researchers and scholars. ORCID is integrated with IU CAS Login, which enables users to utilize their IU login information to automatically create an account affiliated with Indiana University. 

If you have any questions about creating or using an ORCID iD, please contact iusw@indiana.edu.